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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

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  • Stridder44
    Apr 18, 02:51 PM
    Apple has to try to protect their IP or they risk losing it. What I wonder is why it took them so long to start lawsuits over this.

    They don't already have the IP? Suing company and people for the heck of it seems like a broken system to me.

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  • milo
    Aug 11, 10:52 AM
    Apple is being more directly compared to Dell and such these days since they are running Intel chips. And the PC makers are going to put those processors in their computers as soon as they can. If Apple doesn't want to look like they are behind in the times, they have to put these processors in also.

    Do you really think Dell will put merom in ALL laptops and not use yonah at all? I doubt it. Yonah will likely always be cheaper and we'll probably see it for a while in budget laptops. I could see yonah either staying in macbooks for a bit, or staying in the base model only (or even a special edu config like the iMac has).

    MacBook and MacBook Pro are soldered. So no, you can't change it.

    The iMac and MacMini are socketed.

    And the Pro. :)

    Are there any benchmarks for the Core 2 Duo chips? What would we be getting from the upgrade?

    Supposedly about 20% faster at the same clock speed, plus they are 64 bit, but the benefits of that in these machines is somewhat debatable. It's a nice upgrade, but not a huge one.

    Quite incorrect actually. The dfifference is not minimal and this isn't just a "speed bump". If you read up on the Yonah and Merom chip architectures, you'll see that that Merom has significant architectural improvements over Yonah, including a 4MB L2 cache and most notably 64-bit support over Yonah's 32-bit support. This is very significant since Jobs is pushing Leopard and its 64-bit goodness. :cool:

    But that "goodness" mostly looks like greater memory access, which is a moot point in a machine with two ram slots. Most of the "goodness" isn't anything a laptop user will notice.

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  • cube
    May 6, 06:39 AM
    Intel is spending $9 billion to upgrade its fabs to 22nm. Building all of them from scratch would be much more expensive. ARM's current market cap is $7.5 billion.

    ARM does not make chips. They license technology and core designs.

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  • cyberdogl2
    Aug 11, 08:21 PM
    Merom isn't just bragging rights you should check out the comparison in the link that somebody provided. It's about 10% faster for the same price and power consumption. And the next generation of Front Row might take advtange of the 64-bitness.

    Also, I plan on booting Vista with it also, which has a 64-bit version if/when it comes out next year.

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  • vladtheimpaler
    Apr 26, 04:39 PM
    I also thought it was Macrumors and not iPhonerumors :)

    Macrumors is just the name of the site, whatever "rumors" get posted just have to somehow relate to Apple I guess.

    Are you :mad:


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  • shervieux
    May 4, 07:08 PM
    Since I have been using the app store more and more, I do not miss the cd method. However for an OS to do a clean install, you must have a disk/physical media. Linux distributions give you an ISO that you must mount or burn to disk.

    I think Apple is doing it this way to cut down on the ability to make hackintoshes.

    Here is what I think. Since the new IMacs have the ability for a SSD plus hard drive - I think in the future all macs will have it build into the bootup the option to hit the app store and download the OS without the need to have an OS already loaded. Would be nice if upgrades would backup and fresh install everything for you automatically since 90% of apps will be bought through the app store. Just click, wait an hour or more and come back to a fully usable system.

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  • MacNut
    Apr 14, 09:22 PM
    So do you think the best idea is to just cut everybody equally?

    To me that is mind-bogglingly simplistic.

    We have to be intelligent enough to identify areas of need vs. those that are operating at a decent level of efficiency.

    Here's an example ...

    I work at a university that is undergoing cuts. But some departments actually make the university money. Does it make sense to cut departments that generate income as much as departments that don't? At least the people in charge here understand the difference and aren't applying "across the board cuts".If something is making money why would you cut it? You expand on it to make even more money. Trim the programs that are dead weight and is sinking the rest of the ship. Government gets into a mentality that once a program is created no matter how much it might fail they have to keep it around to stroke their ego. They can never admit that something might not be working.

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  • iZac
    Mar 28, 12:14 PM
    Now in what way would that possibly make sense? Are you being serious or just plucking out of thin air?

    the thinnest :P

    I think my desire for a 64 gig white iPhone is just reaching desperation.

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  • nverner
    Apr 20, 08:08 AM
    Just what I thought, not a big update I think iOS 5 will be the big update and not the hardware as such :)

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  • jericho878
    Sep 11, 06:22 AM
    Probably nothing significant but I noticed that all but the standard configuration of the MacBook Pro now ships within 5-7 business days. Last night (Sunday), the same configuration shipped within 3-5 business days.

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  • bedifferent
    Apr 23, 04:54 PM
    If your in snow leopard thats all it will show. you must be on the lion wallpaper for it to show 3200x2000, anyway no problem im happy to help.

    In Lion (developer here), on the latest build. Wonder why. I was able to see 1024x1024 in Launchpad.icns in its resources folder, but other Lion native app's only list 512x512. Oh well, no bigger. Interesting news though� and thanks again mate. :)

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  • Multimedia
    Aug 12, 03:09 AM
    sorry if this is a stupid question, but i'm just asking. I just bought a mbp, and now that its too late, i was wondering if i could just pop in a merom processor into my mbp and upgrade the bios? Or is that not possible?No the processor is soldered to the motherboard directly not in a socket. You have up to 10 days to return it for refund minus a restocking fee. Or sell it right away for even less difference. You can also call Apple and beg a supervisor to let you return it if you're past 10 days. That's how all those refurbs wind up on the SAVE page. :)

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  • mex4eric
    Mar 29, 01:39 PM
    This is undoubtedly one of the first of many dislocations of supply for our global economy caused by this massive disaster. But I suspect the Japanese are masters of diversification and will meet the challenges.

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  • lilo777
    Apr 18, 03:02 PM
    Have you looked at the TouchWiz UI? It's almost identical to iOS - dock at the bottom, pages of icons in a grid and you even remove applications in the same way as you do on the iPhone. I've nothing at all against competition for iOS, but they shouldn't just rip the design off


    Have you seen Windows GUI? It's also almost identical - rows of icons and task bar at the bottom. Did Microsoft sue Apple? No.

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  • Stevesbodyguard
    May 4, 03:00 PM
    What is the "App Store"?

    I googled it...sounds like a dying fad...

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  • mdgm
    Mar 30, 10:10 PM
    That's a shame. I'd like to get a 3rd party SSD but would prefer to wait till using TRIM with it is officially supported by Mac OS X.

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  • Peace
    Sep 11, 12:10 PM
    The only things comin out are the Video Rental service, and a size increase for the Nano.

    Move along.

    If that were the case Jobs would have waited till Tomorrow to introduce the 24" iMac for greater RDF/PR content.

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  • digitalbiker
    Aug 4, 01:44 PM
    I think we will probably get an announcement about new designed MacBookPros at WWDC along with MacPro Desktops.

    Rumor had it back in January that Apple wanted Intel to pre-release Merom chips to Apple for the MacBook Pro. Instead Apple was forced to rush to market a quick update to the PowerBook line using the Yonah processor.

    My guess now is that Apple is going to finally get to roll out the new redsigned MacBook Pro for Merom. I bet that Apple gets away from the out-dated Aluminium/Titanium look and goes to the the smooth polished black, white, and silver look similar to the MacBook. I also bet it gets the updated keyboard, glossy display, etc like the MacBook.

    My wife has the new MacBook and it is a really sweet machine to own. I think it is much better designed and easier to use than my PB G4 1.67 Mhz.

    The easier HD, Battery/ memory access is well thought out. The screen is brilliant. The keyboard is much better than I expected. In addition the latchless closure works like a gem and is much more convenient than that crappy button latch on the MBPro. Also the metal look is getting ugly and outdated. It scratches easy, shows finger prints, and dust more. It is also not as forgiving of a short drop. Metal bends & breaks. Plastic absorbs and flexes.

    Apple is ready to re-invent the MacBookPro and probably would have done it sooner except the chips weren't available.

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  • wclyffe
    Nov 7, 03:11 PM
    thanks for the utube link. It definitely looks like a sturdy mount even on the dash which tends to not be perfectly smooth.

    I am surprised it appears in the middle of the dash in the video. I am hoping to use it closer to left of center on a sloping part of the dash for even easier reachability while driving.

    You mentioned your dock is shipping midweek. Did you buy from BottomLine Telecommunications for $90?? Says out of stock and on backorder.

    Thanks again.

    I did, and hopefully it will ship when it says on 11/11. They are apparently expecting a boatload of them. We'll see.

    And yes, I'm mounting it closer to me (left of center) on a sloping dash, too.

    Apr 23, 11:56 PM
    They use a lot more CPU time to process though. A JPG can be quickly converted to a bitmap and sent off to the GPU, a vector image has to be rendered before conversion to bitmap. Just imagine moving your mouse over the Dock with magnification on, each icon would need to be re-rendered for every time the mouse moved one pixel. With bitmaps, it's all done by the GPU. When there're hundreds of icons on display at once, that will probably become quite CPU intensive. I'm not surprised KDE supported it, it's open source, and we all know Linux is the king of feature creep.

    You said yourself that wallpapers should be vector graphics. And by that, I presumed you meant the background in the subject of the thread. Safari supports SVG, but imo, it's not really a big thing that there's no support for it as a wallpaper. It's not the first thing people think of when they list Snow Leopard's shortcomings :P

    What intelligent Developer would use the CPU to convert Vectors -> Bitmaps when they have a GPGPU to do the heavy lifting? Certainly not Apple.

    Apr 20, 03:22 AM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_3_2 like Mac OS X; en-gb) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8H7 Safari/6533.18.5)

    I think Apple needs to concentrate more on improving iOS rather than adding a faster processor. Tbh I'm pretty fed up of my iPhone 4 as the is just looks boringly simple. Not everybody wants the same old os on every device. I think it's the omnia 7 next for me so I can have a change.

    I agree. iOS is #1 reason why I haven't bought iPad yet - Android 3.0 looks so good on tablets that I haven't decided yet wheter to buy iPad or Android tablet. I'm not that interested in new iPhone models either, because iOS has basically looked the same since the first iPhone, and it's beginning to look very old and dated. I know it's simple to use, and for many people that's the biggest reason to choose iOS, but personally I like to try new things.

    May 6, 09:38 PM
    I'm not sure I want to take *any* of your suggestions, seeing how your sole goal is to lead us to hell.

    As for the separate groups moving through rooms, I don't see how the larger group can enter one room, then proceed into another room without setting off a trap before tail-end charlie follows along to explore the room. Are you assuming that constant "moving" turns keeps one from falling into a trap?

    I'm a bit confused :confused::confused: It's easy to be confused when your swill serving wench of a wife won't even make you a fookin sammich for gawds sake!

    That�s just it. DP�s messed up, unless I�ve totally misread the rules. If you don�t explore the room, you set off the trap. This is why I couldn�t figure out this splitting and speeding things up junk.

    Small White Car
    Apr 26, 02:43 PM
    Look. A tablet is not a phone, okay? Nobody is going to carry an iPad in his pants all day.

    Phones, mp3 players and tablets all have different uses, functions and form factors which differentiates them enough imo.

    And yet iPods, iPads, and iPhones all use the same store.

    Look, plenty of other people in here are saying the real fight is which store becomes more popular and how Windows succeeded because of all the programs they had for it.

    iPads ABSOLUTELY contribute to that. If someone owns an iPad and bought a bunch of iOS apps, which smartphone do you think he's gonna buy next?

    It's all tied together. Ignoring that very important link just because you can't put an iPad in your pants is just silly.

    Think about this.
    People didn't argue that the iPod or the iPad should be counted until Android smart phones started to get really close and then overtake the iOS smart phones.
    You can demand that they should be counted, but everyone will know the real reason for it.

    I have always said that. So if me being consistant is a problem, well, sorry.

    Apr 20, 07:26 AM
    Yet they will stay in line for two days to pay premium for it.
    Apple has one great thing.... a lot of quarter-brain organisms that pump $$ to their pocket.

    You are so right. I'm thrilled with Apple's brainwashed minions, and even happier that I began loading up on Apple stock over a decade ago.

    Little did I realize they would bring us shareholders so much wealth. To think that I bought a load of shares when it was under $20 per, then kept adding each year since, brings a huge grin.

    At this point everything I buy is nearly free. And when they screw up the masses still buy it. Nothing could be sweeter.