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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

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chicago bulls derrick rose shoes. Chicago Bulls (21)
  • Chicago Bulls (21)

  • thisisahughes
    Mar 28, 11:29 AM
    The only behavior that seems to be awarded is: give Apple money is soon as you can and don't ask any questions.

    that's what I do.

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  • ECUpirate44
    Apr 10, 08:15 AM
    I woke up and checked this thread just to see if all the people who really think it's two woke up and realized it's not 2 its 288.

    I should have known that wasn't going to happen. All that happened was another 2 pages :eek:. What an EPIC thread :D

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  • Asik and Bulls Dunk on the

  • newdeal
    May 4, 02:57 PM
    No thanks, that would use a bunch of my 30gb monthly limit (no other options for broadband where i live). I definately would prefer a usb stick or a dvd. At least if its download only I hope they make it easy for me to burn to a standard size disc

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  • Euphonious
    Mar 27, 10:29 AM
    With AT&T's network running SO slow at times, I ABSOLUTELY WILL NOT INSTALL an update which make me use the server farm for streaming my own media.

    A lot of people need to calm down.

    Do you really think that the cloud update is going to stop you playing media that's already on your phone? Do you think Apple's just going to drop the internal memory?

    The cloud option will be just that - an option. You'll still be able to store music and video on your phone. The cloud stuff just extends the possibilities.

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  • Derrick Rose of Chicago

  • Thunderhawks
    Apr 21, 02:58 PM
    Boo...I want it bigger.

    No..really...I do. :mad:

    Besides Viagra you need to visit some other websites that promise that, not MR.

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  • GGJstudios
    Dec 14, 09:51 AM
    Speak for yourself mate. It's easy enough to say that, but what happens if I go to a small client's site, and they're not on the case: I end up with a virus nestled on my hard disk. Then I end up going to a data centre, plugging in and... OOPS! The virus gets into the DC. I would be liable. I am insured, but it's easier to prevent than deal with the fallout. Additionally, as a security consultant, it might not look to competant, if you follow :)
    If you're a security consultant, why are you not checking to make sure any network you receive files from is virus-protected? You're not going to get a Windows virus on your Mac simply by connecting to their network. You have to actually transfer an infected file onto your Mac.

    One of the first things I tell my Windows clients is they need antivirus protection. I install and configure it for them, and run the first scan myself, to make sure their systems are clean. I do that before I ever receive files on my Mac from them. If you're not doing the same, why are you calling yourself a security consultant?

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  • tblrsa
    Apr 20, 03:13 AM
    Looks like a specs upgrade to me. I�ll most likely skip this and buy the next revision. :)

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  • Derrick+rose+chicago+ulls

  • inkswamp
    Sep 11, 04:03 AM
    10 hours? Luxury. I dream of being able to download 2GB in 10 hours.

    It'll take me over 4 days.

    You have it easy. When I was a kid, in order to download a movie, we had to push two wheelbarrows full of blank paper six miles through the snow to the movie company's headquarters where we had to type the binary codes for the movie file out on a broken typewriter, cart it all home and retype it into the computer which would take 6-8 weeks during which we were allowed no sleep and no bathrooms breaks and only a plate of crusty, stale bread and a glass of filthy water. And when we were done, our dad would beat us around the head and the neck with a rusty railspike... if we were lucky.

    (Sorry, couldn't resist carrying on with the Monty Python reference I saw starting up. :D )

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  • Derrick Rose Chicago Bulls

  • Small White Car
    Apr 26, 02:32 PM
    I'm worried about you.

    There's a huge difference between a phone (or at least a device that contains a phone) and a tablet.

    But then again, everyone has different tastes. Some can't tell the difference between a Steak and SOS... :eek:

    And there's a huge difference between a 17" Macbook Pro and a 11" Macbook Air.

    But they both get counted as laptops, don't they?

    And what's your reasoning for why iPods don't get counted here? Because they don't have monthly contracts? How does that make sense? Should we only count iMac sales if they're hooked up to a monthly ISP or something?

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  • Stridder44
    Aug 3, 10:34 PM
    http://www.macrumors.com/images/macrumorsthreadlogo.gif (http://www.macrumors.com)

    The first Core 2 Duo (Merom) benchmarks (http://www.tgdaily.com/2006/08/01/first_core-2_duo_benchmarks/) have already been making the rounds

    The "tests" kind of sucked and wasn't that informative. Didn't tell us a whole lot...but either way I hope they get into the MBPs!!

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  • iJays
    May 6, 03:40 AM
    SemiAccurate claims (http://semiaccurate.com/2011/05/05/apple-dumps-intel-from-laptop-lines/) to have heard that Apple will be transitioning from Intel processors to ARM processors in the not too distant future.

    the site name says it all : semi-accurate :eek:

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  • bedifferent
    Apr 23, 04:54 PM
    If your in snow leopard thats all it will show. you must be on the lion wallpaper for it to show 3200x2000, anyway no problem im happy to help.

    In Lion (developer here), on the latest build. Wonder why. I was able to see 1024x1024 in Launchpad.icns in its resources folder, but other Lion native app's only list 512x512. Oh well, no bigger. Interesting news though� and thanks again mate. :)

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  • Soura2112
    May 4, 03:08 PM
    App sounds good in theory and less discs are good except this is an important disc to have. I want the disc. Also I buy family packs so how will that be handled?

    When my G5 was having problems I NEEDED those discs badly! As long as there is a way to create your own disc I'm cool with it. I have had to many drives go bad to fully rely on them so this is certainly debatable.

    Apple needs to show how the app would work better then a disc to sell me on the App. I do like the fact of not having to wait at the store and everything else.

    How about both? Let me download it then send me a disc and family packs. Have 4 Macs in the house so it could get expensive in the long run. (well 5 but my G5 can't run Lion).

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  • xPismo
    Sep 11, 04:07 PM
    ...No prob with a H.264 at 2-6 mpbs. Files for a 90 minute movie at 700 mb (near-DVD-quality...I just hope for a renting solution as this is what people do with MOVIES.... If they have another solution: bring it on; it's gonna make sense.

    Nicely put. Shocking to believe what modern compression and modern (read lower) expectations of the average film watcher have allowed distriution solutions to do.

    I'm expecting a slick, consumer oriented solution to the video portion of the iTunes music store, but I'm not holding my breath for a 'movie' store or movie rental store solution.

    At a compression value I would accecpt, files will still be to big for the internet of today / average power of a computer today / the HD's of today.

    Sorry to be a wet blanket. We shall see.

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  • Don't panic
    May 5, 09:10 AM
    Assuming the goblin costs one point, let's say the villain does this:

    R1T1 Collect 1 point
    R1T2 Collect 1 point, summon Goblin
    R2T1 Collect 1 point
    R2T2 Collect 1 point

    Villain now has 3 points left, see?

    you guys make the rules, so anything you decide, we play by.

    but that is not as you described it before: the collection of a point was equivalent to an action, and cost a turn.
    actions were presented as mutually exclusive to each other, and the villain has to make a strategic decision whether to wait, and get points or to do something, and use the points without accumulating more.. You made this very clear in several posts.

    for any of his turns the villain can
    1,2) summon and place a monster trap (provided he collected enough points) OR
    3) move OR
    4) heal OR
    5) collect point

    if collecting point goes on all the time, regardless of other actions, than this should be clearly stated and not presented as an alternative.
    this new interpretation makes a big difference, likely tens of points through the game.

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  • mackiwi
    Jul 30, 08:39 PM
    umm....that magazine add looks rather real to me. WTF?:eek:

    on another note, Vodafones 3G network here in NZ has video calls as standard on every phone they sell for the network. Its not revolutionary, they have had it since December last year. It doesnt cost any more than a regular mobile to mobile call. oh, and the person calling is the only one who pays (the fact that americans pay to answer a call is insane).:eek:

    They also have an itunes sized music library that you can browse and download to your phone ( its 3.50NZD per track, which is about $2 USD). Its quite popular seeing as Apple has chosen not to have an Itunes store in New Zealand. They have sold hundreds of thousands of ipods, but there is nowhere to download songs legally. stupid huh? :(

    We pay full retail for most phones, but we aren't locked into any sort of contract. And to the person who said txting should be banned from apples phone: why call someone for ten times the price of a SMS text when you dont need too?:confused:

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  • chicago bulls derrick rose and

  • GQB
    Apr 26, 04:29 PM
    I'm really tired of the common 'wisdom' that looks at current phone-only numbers (dominated by Android 2-fers) and declare the inevitable, eternal dominance of Android, particularly in light of articles like this...

    That's 59% iOS over Android when you count the whole platform. (That's 59% MORE, not 59 apple, 41% android).
    That's a single iOS ecosystem that includes THE platform of the future (the only 'finished' tablet currently available), compared to an Android environment that's fragmented even in phones, and completely disjointed with its beta (of course) tablet platform (fresh out of the oven, no muss, no testing.)

    Just as the media pumps up the underdog in a political race to sell more ad minutes (no one wants a boring horse race), Apple MUST be taken down a notch if there are going to be page hits.

    My money is where it counts... on AAPL.

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  • milo
    Aug 11, 10:52 AM
    Apple is being more directly compared to Dell and such these days since they are running Intel chips. And the PC makers are going to put those processors in their computers as soon as they can. If Apple doesn't want to look like they are behind in the times, they have to put these processors in also.

    Do you really think Dell will put merom in ALL laptops and not use yonah at all? I doubt it. Yonah will likely always be cheaper and we'll probably see it for a while in budget laptops. I could see yonah either staying in macbooks for a bit, or staying in the base model only (or even a special edu config like the iMac has).

    MacBook and MacBook Pro are soldered. So no, you can't change it.

    The iMac and MacMini are socketed.

    And the Pro. :)

    Are there any benchmarks for the Core 2 Duo chips? What would we be getting from the upgrade?

    Supposedly about 20% faster at the same clock speed, plus they are 64 bit, but the benefits of that in these machines is somewhat debatable. It's a nice upgrade, but not a huge one.

    Quite incorrect actually. The dfifference is not minimal and this isn't just a "speed bump". If you read up on the Yonah and Merom chip architectures, you'll see that that Merom has significant architectural improvements over Yonah, including a 4MB L2 cache and most notably 64-bit support over Yonah's 32-bit support. This is very significant since Jobs is pushing Leopard and its 64-bit goodness. :cool:

    But that "goodness" mostly looks like greater memory access, which is a moot point in a machine with two ram slots. Most of the "goodness" isn't anything a laptop user will notice.

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  • Gasu E.
    Apr 25, 08:31 AM
    Well, I think the previous commenter's point has some validity. A great example of this "form over function" is the iMac. Mobile graphics (and poor ones at that), horrendous thermal management, limited stand orientation...but one damn fine looking computer:D Dont get me wrong, Apple does amazing things with their products. (Im obviously a fan :D) But I do think design is paramount to their efforts (not that function ever takes backseat, it just can be slightly lessoned on some releases). Now, IMO...they knocked both form and function out of the park with the iPad 2, iPhone 4, and 2010 MBA. Bravo

    I have to respectfully disagree. Having a large monitor in a small compact desktop form factor was important to me. I have very limited deskspace, even less floorspace, and a variety of needs for the large monitor. You may call this "form", but as far as I am concerned, this is "functionality", since a larger package forces me to make other compromise in my life.

    Mar 26, 10:03 PM
    Fall iPhone 5?

    Please no!

    Apr 7, 10:58 AM
    Ehh, purposeful or not (as a sabotage)...not good news for iPad competition:( Which isnt good news for us iPad users...Apple needs constant pressure to release revolutionary products.

    The iPod hasn't see ANY competition in the past 10 years and they seem to be doing fine with pushing that product line.

    Sep 16, 10:30 PM
    As I have always known it, the standard configuration gives you a 14 day return policy, full refund, or 15% restocking fee if it is opened. A BTO machine is considered an "Opened" machine by apple, since they take the standard configuration and change it. So if you buy a BTO machine, you can return it, but you will be subject to the 15% restocking fee. Just take it back to an apple store, show your receipt, and it should be fine.

    From the Sales and Refunds Policy page:
    "Configure-to-order, personalized or other customized product may not be returned for refund or exchange under any circumstances unless DOA."

    Other products:
    "A 10% open box fee will be assessed on any opened hardware or accessory."


    Apr 7, 02:10 PM
    Unfortunately, most posters here think Apple always acts in the best interests of its customers. Kind of cute, actually.

    If you find it cute, why is it unfortunate? Or were you just trying to be condescending?:rolleyes:

    I've seen no evidence that MOST posters think Apple ALWAYS acts in the best interest of its customers. Apple generally tries to keeps its customers happy, though, as do all (successful) companies.

    Nov 28, 03:37 PM
    There is absolutely no room for any case to work with the TomTom car kit.

    I'm guessing you could have a clear protector application like Invisible Shield to prevent scratches and that would fit fine.