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Saturday, May 14, 2011

game of thrones

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  • PBF
    Mar 30, 08:33 PM
    And yes, you can remove Launchpad from the dock.
    Without editing code, plist or whatever, correct?

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  • Multimedia
    Jul 23, 02:31 PM
    I aggree that Apple will only use two speeds in the upgraded MBP... but it'll be the slower two speeds. Even tho' Merom is supposed to be more energy efficent than Yonah, Apple will opt for the "cooller" lower speed cpus in the MBP. Similarly, when the "cut-down" Meroms come out (slower and smaller L2 cache), they'll be the CPUs used in the MacBook and Mac mini.

    As an aside, TFA states that Merom will be used in the MBP.... which is true, but Apple are also going to use it in an updated iMac too :-)I will be very surprised if Apple doesn't use the 2.16 & 2.33 GHz Meroms in the next MacBook Pros to fully separate them in speed from the 2GHz MacBook. 2.33 Merom should be as cool as the 2.16 Yonah no?

    What is TFA? Link?

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  • Me1000
    Aug 2, 09:10 PM
    does anyone else notice that on intels site, the core2 duo is only refered to in PC's????

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  • chaosbringer
    Apr 27, 02:44 AM
    How does having the PSU on the bottom keep it cool?...

    Hot air rises, so the heat generated by the PSU will just rise and fill up the case.

    Unless I'm missing something or the laws of physics have changed in recent years?

    the PSU is cooled down by air inside the case, if it's on top of the case, it will get mostly hot air, if it's on the bottom, only fresh air. Plus the heat generated by any Mac Pro PSU will go out the back.. Missed didn't you? :D

    The G5 had a better PSU location, just not a better form size for it.

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  • mdlooker
    Apr 7, 12:13 PM
    Though competition is a desired aspect in any market, from a buyers standpoint, there is still that demand variable.

    I believe that even if Apple takes total market consumption, because it seems to be going that way, the price will dictate how sturdy the dominance will be. So long as they keep the prices affordable, they will have no problems.

    Same applies with with their Macs. If they were to lower the prices, the profit margin would take a big hit but a slow market saturation would occur.

    We need innovation and great experiences, but price moves that demand curve.

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  • scottwaugh
    Apr 20, 08:22 AM
    to really stay ahead of the market Apple will need to:

    add a 4" screen
    keep the same form factor
    add the dual core A5 processor
    update the GPU to something similar (but most likely not as powerful) as in the iPad 2

    The GPU is integrated into the A5 processor, anything the A5 goes into will get the iPad 2 GPU as well - means serious graphics power into the iPhone 5 and Apple TV as they are updated with the A5.

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  • Zoowatch
    Aug 7, 09:10 PM
    how about frontrow and Apple remote?

    i know this is a pro machine...

    but having these built-in would be great

    besides... SJ mentioned that frontrow would be enhanced in Leopard

    does this mean that the new Mac Pro would have frontrow as well?

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  • aldejesus
    Mar 30, 11:13 PM
    Is Lion available to iOS developers as well? Or is it solely for those with paid memberships to the "Mac Developer Program"?

    Only for paid membership to Mac Developer Program.

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  • MikeTheC
    Nov 25, 09:49 PM
    To illustrate your point, PalmOne (if that's what the PalmOS Group is called this month...) is doing the aforemnetioned ground-up rewrite of PalmOS now (it should be available to devs soon if they're on schedule) and it's based on Linux. Stable, massively featureful, full PalmOS 5 backward-compatibility, and futureproof.

    Yet the hardware arm of Palm has said it might not buy the new sytem from the software arm. I have to imagine this has to do with posturing/playing the good little beoch to Microsoft. We know what happens to companies which partner with Microsoft... that they have proves prima facia that they're unequipped to run a company.

    I hate to keep dragging my personal employment history into the discussion here, but this is *hardly* the first time this kind of factor has been in play.

    I worked for what was, until (talk about timing!) April 1st of this year, a fully-Sony-staffed technical support facility. We provided tech support for Sony computers, monitors, CLIÉ PDAs, WebTV, Satellite tv, TVs, DVD players, VCRs, phones, all the Business and Professional stuff, etc. Yet (with the exception of B&P), our facility competed for tech-supporting our products with other tech support agencies out there, including our own out-sourced tech support partners.

    Sony frequently would not include their own subsystems (CD-ROMs, DVD-ROMs, writers, etc.) in their own products because they wouldn't (some say "couldn't" but I don't buy that) let themselves have their own inventory cheap enough in a lot of cases. Heck, for that matter, it wasn't until sometime in early 2004 (basically 1 year and change before we all got kicked out) that they switched from 500MHz P3-based Hewlett-Packard desktop computers as our actual "agent workstations" to 3.2GHz P4-based VAIOs. For that matter (and yes this is a rant, but it's also pertinent to this aspect of the discussion) it wasn't until like the last year-and-a-half, maybe not-quite-two-years of our operations that they managed to get more than a handful of current-model Sony computer products into the building AND into the hands of those of us doing the tech support. (The reason for this largely relates to the fact that we as the "tech support" division were the red-headed step-child, and basically a money pit, and we had to actually *buy* our own products at regular retail prices from our manufacturing divisions, instead of them sending them to us.) Now, make of that what you will.

    I go into this to basically say that it doesn't surprise me to see any company playing the "house divided" strategy. The only problem is that it is a losing strategy. Whether religious or not, people should at least look *this* up in the Bible as a basic, common sense 101 lesson on how not to run your personal life or your business. Ah, but I digress...

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  • MacRumors
    Mar 26, 09:50 PM
    http://www.macrumors.com/images/macrumorsthreadlogo.gif (http://www.macrumors.com/2011/03/26/cloud-focused-ios-5-to-see-wwdc-intro-fall-release/)


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  • spazzcat
    Mar 29, 09:18 AM
    how many of those apps sell music and movies for use on portable devices?

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  • ChickenSwartz
    Aug 2, 04:07 PM

    www.macrumors.com will auto redirect there, I believe.

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  • macduke
    May 6, 12:17 AM
    This seems like an inevitable move in the convergence of iOS devices and Mac computers. They will eventually be the same thing. Powerful, robust, thin, power efficient, easy to use touch interface. Lion is moving in the direction of the iPad and iOS in general. The iPad has been gaining more Mac-like features and robust applications. I think the time tables are probably off. I don't see this happening for 4 to 5 years at the earliest. But with billions upon billions in cash reserves, Apple can pretty much do whatever they want!

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  • FreeState
    Sep 11, 03:40 PM
    What I expect is not much:

    Movie download service (with less than 100 movies, all current resolution of music video,s).
    Updated Nano and iPod (size of flash/hard drive on both updated).

    That is it. Thats all I believe we will see...

    What Id like to see but think it will come out later, before Christmas:

    A way to stream video to your TV
    A remote of some sort to control the stream.

    I believe that the movie service will not rely on new TVs or Macs. That would cut out way to many PC users and people that do not want to buy a new TV. If apple releases a Mac home center or TV I believe it will be after the movie service takes off - kind of like they did with the Apple branded iPod Hi-Fi, maybe January will see these.

    The multi-function device will be the phone, and I guess it will come out next year (January).

    But then again Im always wrong:) Here's to hoping Im wrong:)

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  • ravenvii
    Jul 29, 11:34 PM
    The Apple iPhone would have to be better in functionality than a Blackberry to be considered useful, unless they can work out a better input device method or utilize Microsoft's Vista speech recognition program.

    Hurray! Exactly what I'm thinking.

    If Apple accomplishes this, I'll sell my Blackberry and buy Apple's phone in a flash.

    But please, no speech recnogization... have you seen Microsoft's demo of their technology? Hilarious.

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  • Chundles
    Sep 11, 07:01 AM
    Just trying to hedge off the 5,123 "This is BS, no MBP/MB updates OMG!!!11BBQ" threads. ;)

    Oh mate, it's gonna be bedlam...

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  • nuckinfutz
    May 7, 10:53 AM
    We all remember the internal meeting Jobs held discussing how Google was in effect 'declaring war on Apple' by invading their "mobile" turf; what if this is Apple reciprocating. Offering similar options to Gmail for free and attempting to complement MobileMe with iAds in an attempt to unthrone Google. With the high hopes Apple has for iAds (as suggested by the rumors regarding the high developer pricing of iAds) it does make sense, and in the very least, try to hurt Google. Another intriguing question is: would Apple loyalists prefer Apple service over another as long as the quality is acceptable (perhaps even if the quality was less than the options, at first).

    Apple has been doing this stuff since .mac so they've been on the turf for a while. iAds is not gonna be a part of the equation. Apple's building a huge datacenter in NC and with free Mobileme it gives developers a "no brainer" incentive to use Mobileme for their OTA sync. Wifi sync does nothing but irritate the user IMO.

    This isn't about hurting Google this is about taking the next leap forward in computing by melding cloud services with mobile and desktop computing

    Why not just make it a $20 product instead of giving it away for no profit?

    Because Free always has better uptake as witnessed by the legions of people that let Google scrape their emails and other data to provide targeted ads. These people actually perceive this as being "Free" when in fact you're letting Google profit handsomely off your data.

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  • vigilant
    Mar 30, 07:54 PM
    That looks amazing. I was hoping we might see a little more of the iPad's influence exert itself in places like the calendar.

    I violated my own rule and installed Lion mid-project so I haven't had a lot of opportunity to mess with it all that much at this point, so I don't know if I like it or not. iCal tries to look like the iPad version but it feels like it falls flat on quick look.

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  • toddybody
    Apr 7, 01:11 PM
    People keep saying this like if they say it enough it will make it true.

    The iPad and iPad 2 were designed, created, released and supported with ZERO Competition.

    Apple creates products and experiences for their customers. I know it is hard to believe that everyone is just not as lazy as they need to be, and only do something if someone else pushes them but it is possible.

    What people don't seem to realize is APPLE is the COMPETITION that pushes the others, not the other way around. Apple destroyed the MP3 player market made with sucky products. They destroyed the smartphone market made with sucky products, they created the tablet market. They don't need competition, but all these other companies need Apple to steamroll them I guess.

    Sorry, I think youre inferring that Im in agreement with the idea that Apple purposefully stuck it to other panel customers...Im not. Im saying that whatever the reasons are, its not a good thing for other tablet manufactures. Stay well!

    Apr 10, 05:17 PM
    Agreed. Anyhow, writing math with ascii characters sucks, however you put. Most people who aren't used to see math in ascii see / as a ______ and not as a direct translation of � or (...)^-1. Other than the people who blindly follow PEMDAS and think multiplication has a precedence over division, like our lovely math teacher did a couple posts above, I think the poll would tend a lot more towards 288 if the question was posted with TeX (or another proper form).

    I think this poll has more to do with how bad math can be written in plain characters than it has to do with the average person's understanding of math. Hey, I got it right, but I spend a lot of time using math and do see it a lot in plain characters, but I know most people aren't engineering students.

    Well Paolo, what is your answer?

    Dec 14, 10:56 AM
    You're lucky to have the luxury of time. If I'm there, I'm there for 3-4 days on very tight schedule, usually as part of a small team. My recommendations go in the report which then gets passed on.

    I agree with you if I had the time, and it was just me there, I'd be perhaps more forward with advising stuff like that. But I'm afraid I simply don't usually have the time, as the testing schedules simply do not allow for that.

    Mar 26, 11:19 PM
    I think that Apple will introduce IOS 5 in June/July, when it introduces the iPhone 5 (assuming that's what they call it). If there is some aspect of ios 5 that they can't get ready until Fall, they may have an ios 5.3 update in the Fall.

    This is the most sensible conclusion. Game Center wasn't ready for the prime time upon release of the offical 4.0, so it came with 4.1. This is a clever move for Apple as it gives the feeling of extra value added to those who could update as not everyone with these devices even knew it existed until it landed on their device. We of course knew better so it wasn't a shock to us, but the bottom line is we all benefit from it.

    Mar 29, 01:40 PM
    I'd pay a premium for products manufactured in the US.

    Products might be more expensive, but there would be more Americans employed. As much are there is a downside to producing here, there is also an upside.

    All the companies competing with Apple would have to do the same, otherwise Apple could never come even close to competitors' prices.

    There is nothing wrong with companies using resources abroad. It's called specialization. Why produce something for more money and less efficiently when it can be done better and cheaper elsewhere?

    Aug 4, 01:28 PM
    I don't get the point of this article. I mean, isn't it common knowledge that Apple is going to use the Merom processors in it's computers?

    Oh no doubt, it's when is what people are interested in............kind like me..........and the Merom-less MacBook Pro's I see when I go to Apple.com.....