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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

ipod touch 4th generation cover

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  • Hellhammer
    Mar 13, 01:39 PM
    I didn't say that they didn't have the need (though I'm betting that they'll turn to green energy, in larger part, when they begin the rebuilding process; solar, wind, etc...).

    I just questioned how well thought out the idea was to build these plants in an area that is highly susceptible to volcanic activity.

    Roscoe Wind Farm, which is the largest wind farm in the world, provides only 781.5 MW of power while Fukushima I for example, provides 4.7 GW (over six times as much). That wind farm takes 400km^2 so a wind farm that could replace the Fukushima I would take 2400km^2.

    The largest solar power plant provides only 97 MW so even worse.

    In the end, earthquake like this doesn't happen that often. Hopefully Japan and other countries learn from this and improve their protection against earthquakes.

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  • Apple OC
    Apr 27, 09:19 PM
    That's not the point. The point. The point is that even before anyone discovered microbes, microbes already existed. You're welcome to insist that there's no God. But maybe you insist that there is none because although there's evidence for theism, you doubt that it is evidence for it. I'm sure many atheistic scientists who dismiss theism a priori because they believe that if God exists, His existence would force them to revise many of their scientific assumptions. I forget the title of the television program I watched, where the host asked a neuroscientist what she thought about near-death experiences. She didn't want to consider potential evidence for an afterlife because an afterlife would disprove too many physicalist assumptions about the nature of the mind.

    I am not clear on the evidence you refer to ... I am looking for solid evidence ... please link some if you can :cool:

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  • wolfshades
    Apr 15, 09:37 AM
    This is an excellent initiative. Bullying goes on beyond high school and college too. You see it everywhere. There are parts of our cities where it's just unsafe for any of them to go walking alone, just because of how their sexuality is perceived by the ignorant and thuggish class. I think that's sad - clearly there's still a long road ahead.

    Good on Apple employees - and all others who partnered in this initiative - for speaking up.

    Maybe the next generation will be the one that shrugs its shoulders when discussion of sexual orientation comes up, like it's no big deal, because no one really sees it as a major social issue anymore. Maybe then the bullying will stop, having lost a target.

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  • awmazz
    Mar 13, 11:45 AM
    This is what I dislike. Not to get all political here, but alternative energy, however nice, is nowhere even close to providing the power we need. Windmills cannot ever meet energy demand; we're talking about a 5% fill if we put them everywhere. They're also too costly at this point for their given power output. Solar energy, though promising, still has a piss poor efficiency, and thus isn't ready for prime usage for some time. There's really no other alternatives.

    And this is what I dislike about the pro-nuclear rhetoric. This is not true at all. Geo thermal energy. Cleaner, cheaper, safer than nuclear by magnitudes.

    A nuclear power station is just a steam turbine fueled by poisonous rocks instead of carbonized trees as a heat source. I believe the iPad app version of Popular Science has an illustrated article about an test plant using geothermal heat instead to run steam turbines.

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  • Multimedia
    Oct 21, 10:03 AM
    lmao and just to add, DAMN that is alot of coresNot if you use applications that are Core Hogs. Compressing video with Toast uses up to 4 cores per instance. Compressing video with Handbrake uses up to 3 cores per instance. So, no, it's not a lot of cores at all and I will be buying a 16 core then a 32 core Mac Pro the day they ship as well. :eek:

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  • Rodimus Prime
    Oct 7, 04:30 PM
    I don't disagree with your general point about the app store, but Cydia has plenty of crap apps as well. One only needs to wade through all the calculator skins, winterboard themes, and soundboards to know this.

    Yes, there are some great apps for jailbroken iPhones, but it is disingenuous to imply that Cydia doesn't have many of the same problems as the app store. But an open store is going to get you a lot of junk, so you have to take the good with the bad.

    True it has its own list of crap apps but it is much more open. Apple current system is closed. We have rejection with no reasoning why it was rejected and on top of that 84k+ apps on the apps store are crap.

    So both apple system and Jail break system are full of same percentage of crap but at least there is a better chance of finding great apps in the Jail broken world because you have both the apple side and the open side to work with.

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  • torbjoern
    Apr 24, 11:56 PM
    I don't think many atheists actually feel that a god absolutely does not exist. Atheism is simply the lack of a belief in a god but most atheists, I believe, are agnostic in the actual existence. While lacking in a belief about a god, most would keep an open mind on the issue or would say it's impossible to know either way.

    Sense tells me that the truth value of God's existence is unknowable. However, in my opinion, it's not just unknowable but also totally irrelevant for how we should live. In other words, it is not important to know if there is a God or not. Is that closer to agnosticism or to atheism (if we separate these two notions completely)?

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  • ddrueckhammer
    Sep 12, 04:10 PM
    This may be a great piece of hardware but until they lower download prices, be they buy or rent, I'm not really interested. This box makes the Apple offering more interesting than Amazon but the ability to rent for $4 makes the Amazon offering far more economical. Neither one will replace my Netflix account but the Amazon service comes alot closer...Anyone who pays these prices without extras or physical media is a fool IMO...

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  • geezusfreeek
    Mar 18, 06:31 PM
    All this is just a more convenient way to get the same result as running your purchased music through Hymn or JHymn. It's not quite the same as burning and ripping a CD though, since that is lossy.

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  • GGJstudios
    Apr 15, 02:48 PM
    could someone of the windows-people explain to me what the missing "Finder cut/paste" thing is all about? I am using OS 10.4.11 and if I go to the Finder and click on the second next menu next to the word Finder, a menu drops down where I can read:
    "Cut" is greyed out on that menu and you can't use it to cut a file or folder from one area, then paste it in another area. You have to copy and paste, then delete the original, or drag and drop.

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  • mrelwood
    Apr 20, 06:39 PM
    Largest App store.

    This is the company who is in court saying that App Store is a registered brand name, and thou shalt have no other App Stores.

    Then they themselves say that THEIR App Store is the largest.

    Hippoc... hypocr... how was it spelled again?

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  • Edge100
    Apr 15, 12:38 PM
    I've never understood this. Do you really think there are Catholics in Africa who are saying "I really want to have pre-marital sex/sleep with this prostitute/rape this woman, but oh darn, the Pope says condoms are a sin"? Do you not see why that's a little strange?

    This brand of obfuscation, while par for the course, is growing tiresome. The Catholic church has actively discouraged the distribution of condoms, even to couples where one partner is HIV sero-positive, and the other is HIV sero-negative.

    What's worse is that the Catholic church has actively discouraged the distribution of condoms to non-married people, with the notion that because the invisible creator of the universe has a distaste for latex, an agonizing death from HIV/AIDS is an appropriate punishment for pre-marital sex.

    The Catholic church doesn't care about people; it cares about sex. A group that cared about people would say "You should consider not having sex with multiple partners. However, human nature being what it is, if you do have sex with multiple partners, use a condom so that you don't end up dying from a horrible disease."

    THAT would be a reasonable message.

    If someone in the church actually lied about the efficacy of condoms, then shame on them, but I don't see what the point would be.

    Not just "someone" in the church; we're talking about the Pope here.

    I'm sure abstinence-only education doesn't "work" if you define "working" as guaranteeing no one will have sex before marriage then I'm sure you're right. But teaching kids that sex is serious and not a game might have positive effects you're not considering.

    I absolutely agree with the last statement. Sex is serious, but not because an invisible god says so; because it is, in reality, serious.

    Teach abstinence; but also teach that if you choose not to be abstinent, you should protect yourself. To do the former without the latter is inexcusably stupid.

    You misunderstood, but maybe I could have worded it better. A person being raped makes an effort to resist, assuming they are conscious and able to resist. A person willfully having sex isn't going to resist. That passage eliminates the possibility of a person having willful sex and then claiming that they were raped in order to avoid the consequences.

    One is actually rape, the other isn't.

    No, rape is rape.

    But even if I grant you this point, the Bible still instructs us to kill adulterers. Do you support that?

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  • Apple OC
    Mar 15, 08:34 PM
    how can they NOT design for the possibility of coolant failure in the holding basin and put it also within a containment vessel? especially if, as you imply, there are some spent rods in it pretty much at any time.

    They just did not predict a tsunami of this scale causing the situation we are now faced with.

    Unfortunately it takes something like this to correct mistakes moving forward. That being said ... this will get fixed.

    This Nuclear Disaster has now been confirmed as the worst since Chernobyl and is far from being resolved.

    I wish the heros working on this all the best.

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  • Gelfin
    Apr 24, 03:03 PM
    In answer to the OP's question, I have long harbored the suspicion (without any clear idea how to test it) that human beings have evolved their penchant for accepting nonsense. On the face of it, accepting that which does not correspond with reality is a very costly behavior. Animals that believe they need to sacrifice part of their food supply should be that much less likely to survive than those without that belief.

    My hunch, however, is that the willingness to play along with certain kinds of nonsense games, including religion and other ritualized activities, is a social bonding mechanism in humans so deeply ingrained that it is difficult for us to step outside ourselves and recognize it for a game. One's willingness to play along with the rituals of a culture signifies that his need to be a part of the community is stronger than his need for rational justification. Consenting to accept a manufactured truth is an act of submission. It generates social cohesion and establishes shibboleths. In a way it is a constant background radiation of codependence and enablement permeating human existence.

    If I go way too far out on this particular limb, I actually suspect that the ability to prioritize rational justification over social submission is a more recent development than we realize, and that this development is still competing with the old instincts for social cohesion. Perhaps this is the reason that atheists and skeptics are typically considered more objectionable than those with differing religious or supernatural beliefs. Playing the game under slightly different rules seems less dangerous than refusing to play at all.

    Think of the undertones of the intuitive stereotype many people have of skeptics: many people automatically imagine a sort of bristly, unfriendly loner who isn't really happy and is always trying to make other people unhappy too. There is really no factual basis for this caricature, and yet it is almost universal. On this account, when we become adults we do not stop playing games of make-believe. Instead we just start taking our games of make-believe very seriously, and our intuitive sense is that someone who rejects our games is rejecting us. Such a person feels untrustworthy in a way we would find hard to justify.

    Religions are hardly the only source of this sort of game. I suspect they are everywhere, often too subtle to notice, but religions are by far the largest, oldest, most obtrusive example.

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  • Mattie Num Nums
    Apr 13, 01:56 PM
    Does it matter where a carpenter buys his hammer?

    Usually no but with the AppStore no corporation can buy anything. All licenses belong to the attached AppleID that makes the purchase. Its a huge flaw in the AppStore Model.

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  • Bill McEnaney
    Apr 25, 11:08 AM
    When someone talks about "not believing" my initial knee jerk reaction is to think this is a threshold as strong as "belief" but in actuality it's simply anything short of reaching the threshold of believing. In my case instead of saying "I don't believe" I think it is more accurate to say "I don't know."
    You've just made good points, Huntn. I'm sure that many, maybe even most, people have much the same knee-jerk reaction you have. I pointed out som distinctions, though, because nowadays, when many think unclearly, the ignore those distinctions. Each time I hear someone say "I feel" when he should say "I believe" or "I think," the phrase "I feel" reminds me of subjectivism.

    Someone here, Lord Blackadder, I think, told me that I didn't understand the "pluralistic society" idea. I do understand it, and I know that many people disagree with me on many topics. I'm willing to learn from others. I even suspect that my false beliefs outnumber my true ones. But if disagreement among people proves anything, it proves that some people hold some false beliefs. If I believe that there's a God and you believe that there's no God, one of us is wrong. Today too many talk as though the freedom to believe what one wants to believe is more important than the truth.

    Sure, it's often better to say "I don't know" rather than "I don't believe" because most people probably haven't learned the distinctions I've described. On the other hand, although knowing that a belief is true implies believing that it's true, believing that it's true doesn't imply knowing that it's true. If believing always implied knowing, everyone would be all-knowing.

    Say I've deluded myself into believing that my honorary Brian is still living when he is, in fact, already dead. No one is helping me by saying that "Brian is still alive" is true for Bill but not for Brian's family." If I were deluded, the longer my delusion lasted, the more painful my disillusionment would be. I want to know the truth, even if it's unpleasant.

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  • G5isAlive
    Mar 18, 07:33 AM
    Somehow this doesn't surprise me at all. However, this is one more reason to stick at 4.1.0.

    So far, the only real reason for 4.3.0 is Personal Hotspot, but since that is being monitored, then, I'll be happy to stick in 4.1.0 and give the finger to AT&T.

    actually you are giving the finger to the rest of us... not AT&T... AT&T has a business model and just passes on additional costs to the consumer that actually pays for these things. so thanks.

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  • UnixMac
    Oct 7, 07:27 PM
    No....you did no such thing, and no offense was taken. I didn't join this thread till the last post. I only used Hitler as an example becasue it rang true of the same kind of "head in the sand" attitude we in the Mac community take at times.

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  • roadbloc
    Apr 9, 06:15 PM
    It's all about the platform.

    Not the games then? I guess that is why the Pippin was such a tremendous success. Less than 80 games, but a great bit of hardware inside the box. Everyone wanted one. :rolleyes:

    Aug 29, 04:08 PM
    Greenpeace are terrorists.


    Why the vitriol against Greenpeace? It appears that a lot of people on this forum HATE them. What have they done to deserve this?

    Mar 15, 10:10 AM
    Am I hearing the expert om TV right? He's saying the seawater being pumped in is just *around* the core container to stop it from overheating and melting. It's not actually *into* the core to cool it down.

    So basically these fire engines are just pumping water onto the outside of a red hot oven to keep it from melting while the oven still burns brightly.

    Do you have the slightest inkling of the what the process of heat transfer is or what a heat transfer coefficient is? Do you have an inkling of what a heat exchanger is, or how this process is similar?

    Do you think the reactor is a jar of cookies with a lid you can just pop open and stick a hose down?

    Seawater. I hear that's effective against Triffids too..

    Any idea why the boron is being added?

    You Puma and Sushi keep trying to play this down because you 'know how a nuclear reactor works', yet every day your "nowt trouble a t'mill" assurances are just hammered by a new event. An analogy in my mind right now would be architects insisting while we're watching smoke billowing from the towers on our screens that the girders were fireproof-coated so there's no risk of them melting and the buildings collapsing...

    Our assurances are getting hammered by new events? Last I checked there wasn't a disaster or catastrophe. I woudn't say anyone's been getting "hammered".

    Oh lord, you think 9/11 was a hoax too, right?

    Sorry, but the rest of us know how govts and corporations work. They lie. They cover their own arses. They are incompetent.

    Might need an extra layer of tinfoil on that hat of yours.

    leaving the nuclear situation discussion aside for now: interestingly even a town which actually had very expensive tsunami protection wall was hit since it simply wasn't nowhere high enough
    the most important point now will be to get the infrastracture running again because those fuel/electricity/food shortages are now turning to be really problematic

    Tsunami wall, where'd you read that? There are literally trillions of TONS of force behind a tsunami, who would try to build a lousy wall to combat that? Are you sure they weren't mistaking a levy for a "tsunami wall"?

    2 years exposure a day = 730 years worth of normal background exposure per annum. That's okay then, not as bad as I first calculated. No breast cancer there. Bring the pregnant women in. I'll drink milk from that cow, eat eggs from them chickens. We all get that flying a plane. Not.

    You're really being out of line.

    Did you even read the previously posted article? Please do.

    No, of course he didn't. If he tried to, he surely didn't understand it.

    I have no idea why these sorts of examples are constantly used to allay peoples' concerns. Do you actually believe people actually think getting an xray is as harmless as washing with soap? We all see the technician/dentist/nurse go stand behind the protective screens when they use these things while telling us "it's fine, won't hurt you" and we all think "horse manure it won't" as the machine goes click click..

    I think you're a very paranoid individual, it may be prudent to put on that tinfoil hat and wait this one out in the cupboard while the engineers of the world solve this one.

    What do you mean *if* we have a meltdown. Are you denying there has been a meltdown at all? I'll wager with you that there is not only just a meltdown, but actually *three* active meltdowns currently in progress right now.

    Edit - my beilief is based on reading stuff like this (from the BBC) about the hitherto quiet reactor #2. While all the focus has been on the exploding #1 and #3, they've also been pumping seawater into #2 as well. So not only is that yet another wtf? moment, we also have a wtf? squared that the fire engine truck ran out of petrol to keep the pump going so the rods were exposed. So I hope you can understand what I mean about not having confidence that they are even abe to stay on top of the situation let alone control it.

    wtf? x wtf? does not equal wtf^2. :rolleyes:

    I'm guessing you also don't understand that a meltdown is not synonymous with catastrophe. You do realize you can have a partial--or even an entire meltdown--while doing zero damage to the environment or any people, right? After all, you said it yourself--we may be having a partial meltdown right now, but nobody's dying.

    Even allowing for the possibility of a complete core meltdown (an unlikely event given the current situation, though not impossible), the structures were designed to contain such an event.

    Exactly. There are numerous layers between the fuel and the atmosphere, so even if a couple layers become compromised, you can still avoid a catastrophe.

    The problem with your attempts to downplay this situation, like all the other attempts in this thread so far, is that every time you get hammered by actual events on the ground.

    And you've been getting hammered by every single iota of science and fact and physics thrown your way, and have addressed literally zero of them, just citing "big governments lie, run for the hills! JEDILEVEL13PURPLEWIZARDROBESPELLCAST!!! I haven't seen you try to take down any of the nuclear experts posted, or address a single bit of science, all you do is spit the same rhetoric, that we are all getting "hammered" by the thus-far lack of disaster/death/catastrophe that you are running for the hills from.

    So rather than fear-mongering appearing to be unwarranted, it's actually the other way around. The fear-mongers have yet to be proved wrong while the down-players' positive predictions have been proved wrong every step of the way.

    You've yet to be proven wrong? Really? And we've been proven wrong on every count about how there is not a disaster and likely won't be a disaster, and certainly won't be a Chernobyl or anything remotely like it?

    All workers not drectly involved in the actual pumping have now been evacuated from Fukushima nuclear plant. They're running. So everybody else should too.

    We call those safety protocols. Familiar with ISO 14001 or ISO 9001? The people are running? Looks to me like they showed up to work like any other day and were told to leave. I certainly didn't see anyone running out of the plant on NHK TV today. I saw a bunch of people walking out like they would any other day.

    I don't even know why I waste my time.

    Oct 8, 07:09 AM
    I don't understand why some of you are having such a hard time believing this.

    The iPhone is great, it's not going any where. It is however one device from one company, and it's never going to be low (or even mid) end [of the market].

    Android has the world at it's feet, really. It has an apps store (with 15,000 apps so far), you're not locked in to using this apps store though, others can come along, or you can just copy an app to your phone and install it (no jailbreaking crap needed).

    Windows Mobile is a dead horse, iPhone OS is closed, but people want smart phones. Android to the rescue.

    Any manufacturer can take Android, they can design any handset with any features they like to sell in different markets and at different budgets. They don't have to invest a fortune in developing an OS themselves, or the infrastructure to support it. It's all done for them. If they want to they can have a few devs customising Android to some extent, but it's not a huge commitment. They can just as easily leave it alone and not have to do anything with it.

    Really seems like many a manufacturers wet dream.

    Apr 13, 03:26 AM
    It can edit and do cool stuff and we know that. What all can it do? We just have to wait and see. For now, I see it's something fun to play around with and I'll probably do that. I'll take my 5D, shoot some fun stuff, edit on location, and upload to youtube. I can't say how far I'd go if my paying gig requires pulling footage from a tape source, importing an EDL or older FCP project for an update, or organizing tracks for exporting stems to my post audio outsourcer.

    It looks like fun, but I feel there's many more questions to come.

    Oh well...back the smug!! ;)


    Mar 15, 11:25 AM
    Tsunami wall, where'd you read that? There are literally trillions of TONS of force behind a tsunami, who would try to build a lousy wall to combat that? Are you sure they weren't mistaking a levy for a "tsunami wall"?

    on the television i'm afraid:
    they showed archive footage of the same place before the tsunami and then typical amateur footage of it getting hit
    the construction looked like a 3-4 meter high reenforced-concrete wall on top of a usual levy
    perhaps it's purpose was only protection against smaller tsunamies or to 'buy' more valuable seconds for evacuation or to get people into safer locations

    i have heard of such constructions in Japan before so i didn't listen that closely ... hopefully it worked and saved a few hundred lives by delaying it a little bit, i don't know

    regarding fuel rods being layered away:
    *those in the actual reactor: yes
    *but i somehow question (IMHO) the design decisions to store the spent fuel rods directly in the same building but outside of the containment:
    according to the cut away charts the only thing between the fuel rods and the atmosphere is the superstructure above the containment and the direct cover of the basin
    on reactors 1+3 the superstructure blew away because of a hydrogen explosion leaving one barrier directly over the basin behind and teared holes into the structure of reactor 4 having the same effect
    what i have asking myself something regarding the cooling layout in regards to the spent fuel basins: the media/translation isn't clear if or how the cooling on those are potentially connected to the reactor cooling system and it's back up systems
    in the shut down reactors 5+6 the temperature of the basin water has raised up to 84� from the usual 30-40 because of a cooling problem

    do have any information in regards to how those cooling systems are connected to reactor cooling ? because it seems confusing that those basins are now causing so much problems now

    (i suspect that the spent fuel storage thing is handled differently on newer reactor designs)