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Monday, May 16, 2011

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justin bieber and selena gomez dating photos. justin bieber and selena
  • justin bieber and selena

  • marshallbedsaul
    Jan 18, 11:26 PM
    Made a correction to the headline. It should be:
    McAfee faces obsolescence with increasing Apple popularity.


    lol I laughed and my co-workers looked at me funny
    back to spread sheets how funny can they be huh

    justin bieber and selena gomez dating photos. justin-ieber-selena-gomez
  • justin-ieber-selena-gomez

  • shecky
    Sep 14, 08:16 AM
    announcing the C2D MBP alongside next rev of aperture seems to be a natural fit. i really want to keep beliveing that the new MBP will happen in september, and this seems like a perfect time for it.

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  • salmonella symptoms, Is

  • wallock
    Sep 14, 01:14 PM
    All I have to say is....

    Encore of the John Legend performance will have the crowd going NUTS :rolleyes:

    justin bieber and selena gomez dating photos. Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez
  • Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez

  • techficiency
    Mar 29, 03:09 PM
    hilarious! balmer's standing around somewhere squirting himself into a false sense of security. microsoft is a dinosaur and about as hip and cool as an 8track.

    justin bieber and selena gomez dating photos. Is Justin Bieber dating Selena
  • Is Justin Bieber dating Selena

  • Warbrain
    Apr 20, 10:00 AM
    Shame that everyone is going to jump to conclusions rather than work out why this is stored.

    And really, would you rather have the information stored on the device or logged by Google?

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  • +selena+gomez+dating+2010

  • jwhitnah
    Sep 19, 04:59 PM
    Studios are scrambling and re-evaluating there offers right now to get on board.

    I would like to see the break down. Who is buying, how many are the buying each, what are they buying? Seems to good to be true. I am skeptical. May just be a one shot thing, due to curiosity or hype. Let's see how the do their 2nd week.

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  • are now officially dating.

  • powers74
    Mar 30, 12:51 PM
    What is the App Store? It is a store where you buy apps, an app store.

    It's not a "shed where you buy apps", for example.

    Wow, great point. Care to pick off any of the other ideas?

    justin bieber and selena gomez dating photos. Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez
  • Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez

  • Dmac77
    Apr 25, 02:09 AM
    Wirelessly posted (iPhone: Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_0 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/532.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/4.0.5 Mobile/8A293 Safari/6531.22.7)

    I'm the guy I hope you kill so they put you away where you deserve to be.
    Wow, and I'm the immature one???
    guess what.
    This thread could be enough to get a warrant to prove your who you are.
    Also Arn could easily hand over you IP tracing you down even father along with your email address which is all legal and could be submitted to court as he freely handed over his privates data to the cops.
    sure Arn could do that, but then the cops have to prove that I actually did this, and they also have to prove who at my house typed this. It could be me, it could be my mother, it could be my brother, it could be my grandmother. There is no way to know who actually typed this. That's where it all falls apart.
    OP, I do find it amusing you think you know the intricacies of the law just because your uncle is a judge

    Until you have the education/training yourself, I would not be so confident in your opinions...especially as one who has not even finished hs

    I also advise you to stop digging yourself in a hole. I feel you are rapidly losing any credibility/respect that many long time posters previously had of you due to this very, and I mean very childish and selfish mindset you are exhibiting in this thread
    If a few people on MacRumors find me to be childish, I really couldn't care less. Believe me, what you guys think of me is not going to ruin my chances of getting into an Ivy League school, or from becoming a successful adult.


    justin bieber and selena gomez dating photos. justin bieber and selena gomez
  • justin bieber and selena gomez

  • CalfCanuck
    Sep 14, 11:35 AM
    I discussed much of this in the original page 2 thread, but all the Apple Pro software exists to sell the expensive top of the line hardware. The philosophy behind Aperture is fantastic for photographers, although the beta version called 1.0 had far too many blemishes.

    Regarding Aperture v2, in the last 10 months I'm sure that the development team has finally debugged the memory leaks and redesigned the database / keyword functions so these are quicker. I also expect the ability to support multiple libraries across different drives. Plus the "new" features that they will surprise us with!

    Despite it's obvious flaws, I've gambled on Aperture 1.x because I expected the company that improved FCP v1 to do the same thing to Aperture v1.

    Since it's designed to decode RAW files on the fly, the $300 program Aperture exists because Apple wants its users to go to buy a $10,000 computer to use it on (MP 3 GHz, 8GB RAM, 4x 500 GB HDs, X1900 XT graphics, and a 30" Apple DIsplay). Add another $1400 for the in the Quadro FX 4500!

    Apple is making a bundle on these machines, and they want to WOW the press and "hog the spotlight" before the start of the show. Then all the attendees will be sure to visit the Apple booth and watch Aperture decode RAW files on the fly from a library of 25,000 RAW images.

    Then hopefully they'll head home and spend lots of hard earned cash on new expensive MBP systems.

    justin bieber and selena gomez dating photos. justin bieber and selena gomez
  • justin bieber and selena gomez

  • Eudall
    Apr 30, 06:05 PM
    that top spec 27" is never going to happen, it will have 4GB RAM and a i5 processor with BTO option of a i7

    Hate to say it but IMHO you are completely wrong there. Look at the refreshed MBP and then read your statement, nearly ALL the current gen MBP have i7 processors.

    Based on this I would guess that ALL iMac models will too, with the exception of the entry me el iMac.

    Personally I am hoping for a decent GPU; although I'm primarily an xbox gamer I do enjoy the odd month of WoW and steam gaming.

    justin bieber and selena gomez dating photos. Justin Bieber And Selena Gomez
  • Justin Bieber And Selena Gomez

  • jz1492
    Nov 13, 04:09 PM
    The difference is that Apple can veto the very concept of the app, after the fact. E.g.: google voice clients, podcast receivers, etc. (the list of examples is quite long). There's a difference between requiring a late tweak and vetoing the core functionality of the app.

    I agree with that. ;)

    Yet, that is not the case this time, or I'd say, for the majority of rejections. Apple most of the time allows you to make the necessary changes, as odd as they may seem.

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  • ieber dating selena gomez

  • deputy_doofy
    Sep 14, 09:34 AM
    Admittedly, I am definitely waiting for the C2D, but I am joking in this particular thread. It's always possible they could release it, but it's not likely. I didn't expect any computer upgrades at the iPod/iTunes show either.

    The most I use photo stuff is connect my gf's camera to my powerbook and steal.... *ahem*, I mean, archive.... her pictures. :D

    justin bieber and selena gomez dating photos. Justin Bieber And Selena Gomez
  • Justin Bieber And Selena Gomez

  • lmalave
    Sep 27, 09:52 AM
    I really hope Apple doesn't jump on the camera-phone bandwagon. Seems to go against their philosophy of having devices that do few things but to them far better. And it would make the phone useless to me. But that's just because my employers are sensitive about such devices, with the nuclear reactors and all.

    And signing on with Cingular or any other major carrier seems like an even bigger mistake. The only way to truly improve the cell phone user experience is to take them out of the picture and introduce a fair and simple billing system (i.e. MVNO w/ daily flat rate, iTunes-style micropayments).

    Umm...apple makes computers, remember? I agree that the success of the iPod is largely due to its elegant and simple design, but Apple also makes MacBooks, iMacs, etc. that are consumer-focused, elegant, and easy to use, yet provide rich functionality.

    The thing is, the mobile phone is moving inexorably to essentially be a universal handheld communicator/computer that used to be the stuff of sci-fi films. Acually, if you ask me, the primary "must-have" on the phone of the near-future is high-speed internet access (3G+), not music or camera features. That being said, i think the music and camera features go hand-in-hand with high-speed internet. I think in addition to being able to download songs, you'll be able to listen to iTunes radio stations through the iPhone (if not at launch, then eventually). And having mobile phones acting as video phones will become common, too. Can you say iChat on your mobile phone?

    So there you have the long term vision of the iPhone: a phone enabled with iTunes mobile, iChat mobile, PhotoBooth mobile. Not to mention QuickTime mobile, Safari mobile (ok, no need here really - I'm happy with Opera mini), Mail Mobile, iCal Mobile, Address Book mobile, etc. Not to mention the ability to play both the new iPod games and the huge amount of Java Mobile games already available.

    I have to say, I already own a Sony Ericsson phone that already has most of the above features. What I am looking for from the iPhone is
    1) all the same features as my SE phone, except done a little bit better
    2) more seamless integration with my MacBook (though I have 3rd party software do do everything now)
    3) a true 3G multimedia phone experience (my T-Mobile contract was up just this month, and the only reason I haven't immediately switched to Cingular and gotten the 3.5G LG CU500 phone is because I'm willing to hold out a few months to see what the iPhone has to offer)

    justin bieber and selena gomez dating photos. justin bieber and selena gomez
  • justin bieber and selena gomez

  • KnightWRX
    Apr 22, 11:28 AM
    Is this a true statement from the OP: "But with new Sandy Bridge processors from Intel sporting improved graphics performance"

    Yes, this generation of Intel IGPs is improved compared to the earlier generation of Intel IGPs.

    That doesn't put it on par with the nVidia 320M though. If Intel had only licensed nVidia to make chipsets, we'd have had something much better than even the 320M to put in the newer TB equipped Macbook Pros and these new Airs. Now we're stuck downgrading the graphics to upgrade the processor.

    I'm glad I bought my 320M equipped model, I'll keep it around for a while it seems.

    justin bieber and selena gomez dating photos. Justin Bieber Selena Gomez
  • Justin Bieber Selena Gomez

  • ctdonath
    Apr 4, 12:45 PM
    Very sad. Someone lost their life over something so trivial. And said that the guard has to live with knowing he took a life. :(

    Sad indeed. Sympathies to the guard, who at least is alive to know what happened; if he hadn't done it, odds are too high that he wouldn't be.

    justin bieber and selena gomez dating photos. Selena Gomez dating Justin
  • Selena Gomez dating Justin

  • JGowan
    Mar 29, 01:17 PM
    :confused:For that to happen, people would have to want to buy a Windows phone... I'm pretty sure hardly anyone I know even realizes that the platform has undergone a major revamp recently.

    My personal opinion is that WP7 is a decent OS, but I just don't see this being a possibility with the meager selection in WP7 software.I agree. I have met only ONE person ever to have a Windows phone. Everywhere I go, iPhones are by far the #1 phone I see.

    justin bieber and selena gomez dating photos. justin bieber and selena gomez
  • justin bieber and selena gomez

  • darbus69
    Apr 4, 11:47 AM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_3_1 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8G4 Safari/6533.18.5)

    ultimate fanboys pay the price, ouch?!?!

    justin bieber and selena gomez dating photos. justin bieber and selena gomez
  • justin bieber and selena gomez

  • steve_hill4
    Oct 27, 01:06 PM
    In response to the previous post above, perhaps Greenpeace should think about limiting its volunteers at public events to "really hot" girls dressed "appropriately", I am sure its message would be better received.
    Yeah, but make sure they're environmentally friendly, so get them to wear fig leaves. :)

    justin bieber and selena gomez dating photos. justin bieber and selena gomez
  • justin bieber and selena gomez

  • bruinsrme
    Apr 10, 07:55 PM
    This is the end product of capitalism and/or neoliberal policies. Look into "the race to the bottom" in terms of international relations.

    All by design. All well understood, but rarely spoken about to the public.

    People have been but are written off as being "out there"

    Mar 24, 04:46 PM

    If they did go on and add either USB3 or blu-ray to Macs, they'd be removing it the following year, as it will become obsolete quite rapidly (maybe even more than USB 2.0).

    Mar 22, 01:09 PM
    http://www.macrumors.com/images/macrumorsthreadlogo.gif (http://www.macrumors.com/2011/03/22/potential-imac-update-to-sandy-bridge-and-thunderbolt-in-4-6-weeks/)


    Jul 18, 10:48 AM
    Any one know when the 45nm architecture processors are going to appear?
    I'm gonna wait for those, for OS X 10.5 and iLife 07 to invest in a Mac

    Mar 3, 11:57 AM
    The Android Market is not curated like the App Store for iOS.

    Android users have to report if they think an App they installed is malicious. This is a reputation model for auditing apps. Some users must get burned prior to knowing it is malware.

    This could still occur in the iOS app store but is less likely to occur given that Apple checks each app to make sure it uses only approved APIs.

    Apr 3, 08:10 AM
    http://www.macbytes.com/images/bytessig.gif (http://www.macbytes.com)

    Category: Apple Software
    Link: Apple Faces Increasing Cyber Threats, McAfee Says (http://www.macbytes.com/link.php?sid=20101230092111)
    Description:: McAfee Inc. expects Apple��s iPhone, geolocation services such as Foursquare, and mobile devices to be the target of malware attacks in 2011. The computer security company also predicts attackers targeting shortened URL services and internet TV platforms as well as a rise in politically motivated hacktivisim, as more groups are expected to repeat the WikiLeaks example.

    ��We��ve seen significant advancements in device and social network adoption, placing a bulls-eye on the platforms and services users are embracing the most. These platforms and services have become very popular in a short amount of time, and we��re already seeing a significant increase in vulnerabilities, attacks and data loss,�� said Vincent Weafer, senior vice president of McAfee Labs.

    McAfee Labs Threat Predictions for 2011:

    * Apple: No longer flying under the radar

    McAfee said the popularity of iPads and iPhones, combined with the lack of user understanding of proper security for these devices, will increase the risk for data and identity exposure, and will make Apple botnets and Trojans a common occurrence.

    Posted on MacBytes.com (http://www.macbytes.com)
    Approved by Mudbug

    Just another ploy to scare people into buying there over priced software.

    I'm sure Apple takes security very very seriously. Is it me or is McAffee screaming wolf?