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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

manual credit card machine

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  • -aggie-
    May 4, 03:54 PM
    I'd say go ahead, but I'm somewhat confused in what the villain can do. He gets to see our moves, so he can just put a trap anywhere?

    I'm against splitting until we level up.

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  • Warbrain
    Mar 26, 10:25 PM
    I highly doubt this is the case. The iPhone still leads the forefront for iOS devices and will receive iOS 5 when it is released. The only way this works is if the release of iPhone 5 is in September and I don't see that happening any time soon.

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  • Cougarcat
    May 6, 12:19 AM
    I was about to say, "What?! And lose the Windows compatibility they bragged on so much with the Intel transition? You're kidding me!", then I remembered that Windows 8 is also rumored (confirmed?) to run on ARM.

    Yes, Windows 8 will have ARM support (http://windows8news.com/2011/01/05/windows-8-arm-press-release-microsoft/).

    I don't buy this rumor, though. It's too crazy.

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  • SirHaakon
    Mar 31, 02:11 AM
    Maybe that rate wouldn't be bad, but if you read the article, that's not what they're charging. Beyond the initial free amount, its $1 per 1 gig, not $1 per 20 gigs.
    You get 20 gigs if you buy an album on Amazon. Here's an album for a dollar:


    You do the math.

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  • ten-oak-druid
    Apr 7, 01:19 PM

    "Kill the Competition"



    Look Samsung shipped 2 million of their first tablets and they haven't all sold yet. If they had Sumsung would report that to you. The Xoom has only sold 100k in a period of time the ipad 2 has sold much more.

    Lets look to see how things shake up when the competition sells out of their current inventories before cries of unfair competition get hurled about.

    Motorola is not trying to buy the same quantities as Apple. That would be self destructive given the poor sales numbers. They buy what they hope they can sell.

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  • Yaboze
    Apr 25, 09:28 AM
    Steve needs to provide a better answer because this one makes him look like a liar.

    Ok, so there's a DB on your phone and the computer it syncs to. How do we know it's not being used in some nefarious way? Why isn't it regularly wiped?

    I ran the app on my Macbook and it showed where I was since I had the phone....it was scary...:eek:

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  • cycomiko
    Apr 6, 06:00 PM
    So...10 pages+ of comments around 100,000 unit claim

    Official comments from the droid developers around 0.2% share of OS

    So 50,000,000 android OS based devices

    Gartner shows 67million android based smartphones sold last year alone....

    which butthole did htey pull their 100k figure from?

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  • geese
    Nov 22, 04:27 AM
    [QUOTE=Macrumors;3080145"We've learned and struggled for a few years here figuring out how to make a decent phone,'' he said. "PC guys are not going to just figure this out. They're not going to just walk in.'' .[/QUOTE]

    I remember the head of Atari saying something similar about Sony's Playstation.

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  • Mikey7c8
    Nov 7, 09:11 PM
    I agree with the general sentiment of the thread. Mac users should have anti-virus if only to lessen the probability of propagating virally affected material; it is the enemy, not the av companies (well perhaps i'd make an exception for symantec ;))

    Sophos has been great from my perspective, used it in one of my old positions for something like 30 workstations.

    Trying it on the mac, we'll see if i'll keep it though. I will admit I tend towards the 'I'm on a mac, I don't need AV' side of the fence for the most part even though I completely agree it's a good idea in general :)

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  • Mr. Retrofire
    Apr 21, 05:31 PM
    does it look a bit unstable being so narrow

    What? Is the MBP or MBA "unstable"?


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  • Duke&tank
    Mar 27, 01:21 AM
    Most of the iPhone's sales come from outside the United States, where GSM is the standard. Apple can't afford to lag behind other companies in those international markets so they will most likely not slip on shipping the iPhone 5 to much later than the previous models' date.

    That is a Very good point i never thought of that.

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  • kre62
    Apr 18, 04:32 PM
    You are crazy. If anything, this might indicate that iPhone 5 will be delayed for a year or two. Apple will have to build it's own factories for LCD panels, RAM and flash memory chips.

    If they keep using Samsung...

    I'm suggesting they may not be.

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  • marvel2
    Nov 13, 03:19 PM
    Which leaves the only concern left being clarify of calls.

    I went on a drive on my lunch and received my first call through the TomTom kit today. What I can say is that the speaker clarity was good and the mic picked up my voice suprisingly good for the distance I had it from the driver's seat. I had it mounted on the windshield. However, I did find myself talking a bit louder than normal to ensure the mic would pick up everything, and it did. Throughout the conversation, the person I was talking on the phone with never asked me to repeat anything. I was able to carry on a conversation throughout my drive as I normally would in my car - hands free :p

    The speaker volume on the TomTom kit leaves a little bit to desired in my opinion. I found myself constantly moving the volume switch up, but wasn't sure it was on its highest setting because it isn't a 'dial' type adjuster. Although the speaker was loud enough to hear, I wanted it a little louder. However, this may be because my car does not dampen road noise very well. I'm sure your sedan will be much quiter and the speaker volume will be adequate. The speaker quality is clear enough to hold a conversation.

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  • cwwilson
    May 7, 12:07 PM
    Can it be free some time in the next...Week or so? They're about to charge my card, but I do want to keep using the service. $99 is a bit much but Find My iPhone is practically worth it alone.

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  • citizenzen
    Apr 19, 11:05 AM
    What does "willing to be convinced" mean? Will you read Human Action by Mises? It's a thousand pages of thoroughly explained economics. You don't have to read the whole thing, just the sections pertaining to monetary policy and taxes... So you're really only doing yourself a disservice by passively waiting for someone with all the answers-

    That's like saying that I need to read the whole Bible instead of you just telling me why you're a believer.

    That's all we're asking. Just tell us why you believe something to be true.

    If you inspire us enough, maybe we'll crack open that Bible.

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  • marksman
    Apr 18, 04:18 PM
    I think they are all adults, and they keep these things very separate. If someone said to their colleagues in another department "don't buy screens from Samsung, we are involved in a lawsuit" or "don't sell screens to Apple, we are involved in a lawsuit", the answer would be "are you mad? They are our best supplier, I don't care about any lawsuit" or "are you mad? They are our best customer, I don't care about any lawsuit".

    I guarantee you that the division that sells screens to apple is pissed about this, and that Apple tried to work on this internally with Samsung before filing suit.

    I know how different divisions of large corporations interact, and I guarantee you the divison making smartphones and tablets are at odds with the screen supplying over this and whatever else.

    People that run large divisions often don't care about the other divisions and are only worried about themselves, even if it screws other parts of the company over.

    The customer has the leverage in this situation and pissing them off is just a really bad idea.

    Believing that Apple wouldn't change suppliers is just ignorant. This is the kind of thing that gives them motivation to start pushing harder with other companies to create screens for them, because Samsung has become an unreliable partner. Instead of just being happy with their relationship, Samsung has jeopardized it and given Apple motivation to look for other partners.

    It has put the long term business of selling that many screens to Apple in jeopardy.

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  • gugy
    Aug 2, 01:08 PM
    finally someone reasonable! so many of you flippin fools don't realize what WWDC stands for...

    World wide DEVELOPER'S conference!

    this is about professional stuff. in they launched the powermac g5, because developers could then write 64-bit apps. in they discussed tiger (and i think launched new pro displays) so that users could write stuff using core image and all the cool new tiger features. in they announced the transition to intel, because devs could now write stuff for the intel platform (and i don't think they really announced anything else AFAICR...). so in they are going to talk about leopard and how it relates to developers, and maybe release PROFESSIONAL products, like a mac pro or xserve.

    you have got to be CRAZY to think that he's going to intro an ipod at WWDC, when MW Paris is right around the corner! MW Paris in september is pretty much ALWAYS when they intro ipods and consumer products this time of year.

    edit: last year, they had a special media event around october to intro the imac g5 with isight and video ipod and did not have anything at MW Paris. this will probably be the same this year.

    You are right if you follow the WWDC event history.
    I am pretty sure just PRO stuff at WWDC.
    Ipods, Iphone, Nanos, Etc. after that, maybe at special events or at Paris Expo.
    So if you are not a Professional, I would not have your hopes too high for WWDC.

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  • jasonefmonk
    May 6, 01:47 AM
    There have been good reasons discussed for why this could happen. Mainly the future goals of ARM development, and the fusion of iOS and OSX.

    I still can't see how ARM could keep up with Intel. I just got a new MacBook Pro, it's just the base model but it has a hell of a kick for 2.3GHz dual core. It seems to virtually create four cores (threads?). Intel always seems to be ahead of expectation with performance and efficiency. Apple has a lot of money, but can they really buy all the experience needed to compete with a company of this much history?

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  • kesnut
    May 9, 05:55 AM
    It's naive to assume that Apple won't use MobileMe data in the future to serve you ads.

    Given the [lack of acceptable] performance of the current service, all of these things are just going to be painful to use. If they can devote some more bandwidth to them, I could see it being a hit.

    i am hoping that the new datacentre will improve the current problems that we mobileme uses are experience.

    and i yes those are a great idea
    free mobileme with iads
    paying users no ads
    one can hope, i don't want ads in my mail, i have yahoo and gmail for that.. :)

    Apr 25, 09:14 AM
    I urge anyone who is a regular Macrumors reader to ignore anyone labeled as Newbie in threads/discussions on this tracking/location issue. Most are trolls.

    I was one of the more vocal advocates on these threads way back when in the early days of the antennagate fiasco and the sheer number of trolls were mind-numbing. Of course they all went away into their trolldom caves, but some are showing their trollish faces again.

    Another tip: best way to ignore trolls is to not feed them.

    Mar 27, 11:35 AM
    So, lets see if I understand?

    Apple is doing everything they can to move things to the cloud while AT&T and Verizon are ratcheting down how much you can use their network to access what you put in the cloud...

    Apr 24, 12:46 AM
    The past year my right eye's vision has decreased. Interestingly enough that is around when i got my iphone 4, can lack of my eye working and the phone making it easier make my vision worse? Probably not and just a coincidence.

    Anyway i wonder if apple will do the whole "It is a 500$ upgrade for retina" thing or it will just be a thing all mbp's have.

    No your just getting old. ;)

    Mar 30, 05:53 PM
    So I guess that Gold Master rumor was wrong.

    Everyone who used the first developer preview knew that rumor was flat wrong.

    May 4, 01:49 PM
    I'd think we'd want to explore this room.

    Agreed, lets explore this room.