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Saturday, May 14, 2011

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  • macbwizard
    Mar 28, 09:45 AM
    Who is this joker?

    Apple�s apparent focus on software in its WWDC announcement backs up what my own sources are saying about the annual conference. That is, expect a software show in not a hardware event.

    It's a DEVELOPERS CONFERENCE it is always focused on software. This announcement does nothing to prove either way.

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  • rjohnstone
    Apr 18, 05:21 PM
    Absolutely false. For instance on MArch 18, 2011 alone, the EU awarded Apple about 24 patents on icons (patentlyapple.com)
    Does not apply in the U.S.
    U.S does not recognize patents on icons.
    Those would/could be covered by copyright law.

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  • islanders
    Sep 15, 09:04 PM

    Estimated Ship Date
    Sep 26, 2006 (wow that date looks familiar?!?!)

    Arrival Date
    Oct 3, 2006

    A full week delivery time seems like a bit of long wait for someone who is ordering a MBP.

    Why can�t they send it second day for an extra two bucks?

    Although I agree that Photakinda seems like the logical date for an update, I�m confused who would order a MBP snail mail?

    Could you bump that up if you called back and did the overnight gig?

    Just curious.

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  • macnews
    Jul 21, 03:17 PM
    Well, when you couple the fact it's an entirely new architecture for intel, along with being 64-bit, it might tie in nicely at the developer conference. I expect Leopard to evolve into a full 64-bit OS so these chips can would make for a great entrance at WWDC...IMO.

    I agree, 64 bit would be developer worthy, but why wait to introduce a new chip until then? Picture this - release new MBP and iMacs with the new chip before WWDC. At WWDC you annouce and showcase the OS, not the hardware, and at the end introduce a new desktop model and then say "all our pro line of computers and even the top consumer line support 64 bit NOW". Far more impact IMHO.

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  • Jape
    Dec 13, 09:10 PM
    Just got a notice from BLT that their expected ETA on the TomTom Car Kit is now 12/16. We'll see, but I wouldn't count on it.

    Did they randomly send you this email, or did u request an update. I haven't received an e-mail regarding the kit in a while. If this goes on for any longer I will take m business to magellan:mad:

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  • bedifferent
    Mar 30, 10:56 PM
    Application Launcher - Useful for organizing apps
    Versions - Useful for those who don't leave an external HDD plugged in at all times such as laptop users.
    Resume - Useful when you need to restart your Mac.
    Auto-save - Self explanatory.
    Mission Control - Useful because you can view EVERYTHING on your Mac at a quick glance your windows, spaces, full screen apps, dashboard, etc.
    Lion Server - Server functionality that wasn't there before unless you bought a server capable Mac.
    Air Drop - Useful for quick file sharing.
    Full screen apps - Useful when you are only doing one thing on your Mac or when you are using an app that uses a lot of real estate.

    Want me to explain any more features for you?

    Application Launcher is horrendous. Moving an app each icon at a time, and restarting after command+alt+control deleting applications brings them back. If you could command+click on more than one app to arrange them, that's an improvement. Beyond that, it's an implementation that makes more sense on a multi-touch iOS device than a desktop OS. FAIL

    Mission Control - I agree, an improvement. A bit buggy, but it is convenient to see Expos�/Spaces/Desktops unified. Although I loathe the 2-dimensial/linear "Spaces" implementation, "Snow Leopard" had it right. An iOS Springboard "Spaces" on a desktop system is counterintuitive Mr Jobs, especially for those who use spaces on a projector for demonstrating different desktops quickly in lectures, presentations, etc.

    As for the rest, applications such as "MacPilot" already have the ability to utilize those functions (and ad-hoc AirDrop is interesting but unless you are with another nearby Lion system and both are present to "accept" a transfer, it seems rather meh).

    The lack of color in the system icons is god awful. Color graphics are much more easily identified than a scaled down grey icon.

    Stroop effect (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stroop_effect)

    Green Red Blue
    Purple Blue Purple

    Blue Purple Red
    Green Purple Green

    the Stroop effect refers to the fact that naming the color of the first set of words is easier and quicker than the second.

    This is very relevant in working as it distracts and takes longer to identify aspects that lose inherent and easily characterized qualities. If there isn't an option for this in the GM/Commercial build there better be a patch ala iTunes.rsrc to bring back sidebar color icons.

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  • wclyffe
    Dec 7, 06:22 AM
    Apple has changed their site now to say it would ship in 1-2 months.

    Yeah, that's pretty crazy now. It's clear whatever lead they had in time with the Magellan kit is now lost. It seems we'll get to compare them and then decide.

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  • someguy
    Jul 30, 09:10 AM
    Not happening. Never in a million years. (Trying to reverse-jinx it.) :D

    I've got a Nextel plan that I hate and a phone I can't stand (Motorola i830), so if this phone is reasonably priced and works on the Verizon network, it's mine for sure. :)

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  • jav6454
    May 7, 10:07 AM
    I'd be so pissed/happy if it were to become free... 1 year of .Mac and 2 years of MobileMe.

    Pissed, I spent $99 for 3 years

    Happy, more people will have access to MobileMe's benefits.

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  • Kalach
    Apr 21, 02:56 PM
    wow! a redesign to the mac pro would be great :D

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  • BRLawyer
    Sep 11, 02:14 PM
    My friend, who's cousin works at apple, says that he told him that Movies will be available soon, and an onslaught of new tv shows. The movies would be divided by comedy, horror, etc, and movies include Boogyman, Exorcism of Emily Rose, and he said that apple was trying to get the Inyuasha Movies as well. Ptricing might be 3-5 dollars

    rememeber, none of this has been confirmed by apple

    You mean the Apple employee who is friend of the cousin of the stepdaughter of your aunt? Ah ok...:rolleyes:

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  • Full of Win
    Mar 28, 11:04 AM
    No iPhone 5, but there will be iPhone invisio!

    ROTF. Dated. That must be why the recent mobile industry event that Apple didn't sponsor nor attend voted iPhone the best phone on the market.

    The iPhone 4 is dated. It has a single core processor, just 512 MB RAM, the screen is too small and it does not support 3.5G / 4G networks. The only spec of the iPhone 4 that is not out of date, relative to similar phones, is the screen resolution. The iPhone 4 is in its winter of life; not in its summer. This is not a bad thing, it is the nature of technology.

    I don't have anything against the iPhone 4, I have one myself. But looking objectively at the technical specifications of other phones sold now, I have to say the internal design is dated.

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  • NebulaClash
    Apr 25, 10:39 AM

    Well, just look at the history of PR, or the history of Microsoft, and you'll see this is a standard practice. Just do any search of this sort of thing, it's common.

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  • LoganT
    Mar 26, 10:18 PM
    My thoughts exactly. Our school district (ISD 482) just bought 1,465 iPads for its students, and I can see us getting really mad if Apple were to release a new iPad 6 mos. later.

    I'm not really sure Apple cares about your school district.

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  • to1986
    Apr 25, 09:44 AM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_3_2 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Mobile/8H7)

    Proof please that that was an actual reponse from Steve Jobs? O wait you can't.

    Now the media will latch onto this claiming Jobs is lying. The media are the best, so informative and truthful.

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  • danielwsmithee
    Aug 2, 11:04 AM
    There will be no update to the iPods yet, but they will be updated for sure before the release of Zune in October making Zune look old.

    As far as other hardware updates: Mac Pro, Displays (iSight and significant price drop). The other possibilities are updated MacBook Pro or iMac. The MBP really needs it soon as the MacBook seams to be a much better value. I could see them updating it the week after quietly via the web only, as it is essentially only a processor speed-bump to the Core 2 Duo 2.33 Ghz.

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  • rdowns
    May 6, 11:57 AM
    If you told the average American male that his 5 inch penis was 13 centimeters, we'd be on the metric system a week from Thursday.

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  • p0intblank
    Nov 26, 12:41 PM
    I would really love to have a Mac Tablet. However, I don't see this happening anytime soon. But believe me, I would LOVE to have one.

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  • Achiever
    May 7, 10:27 AM
    I would be fine continuing to pay for it if they would actually make it work better and improve some of the feature set. If they make it free, my concern is they will strip down some of the services related to it or allow it to become even slower and less reliable. Apple doesn't need another "hobby" (See: TV, Apple).

    Mar 29, 10:48 AM
    not really true. it depends on what kind of storage options they are currently running, there are many devices and programs out there that eliminate this kind of redundancy and odds are amazon is using them right now.

    The fact that they offer free space for MP3 files purchased from Amazon clearly indicates that those files be stored in a single copy.

    Apr 26, 02:43 PM
    And there's a huge difference between a 17" Macbook Pro and a 11" Macbook Air.

    But they both get counted as laptops, don't they?

    And what's your reasoning for why iPods don't get counted here? Because they don't have monthly contracts? How does that make sense? Should we only count iMac sales if they're hooked up to a monthly ISP or something?

    Think about this.
    People didn't argue that the iPod or the iPad should be counted until Android smart phones started to get really close and then overtake the iOS smart phones.
    You can demand that they should be counted, but everyone will know the real reason for it.

    Mar 26, 09:56 PM
    Perhaps in the same way that Apple previously pulled OSX software engineers to help polish iOS, they're now focusing on getting Lion out the door?

    Either that or a decent notification solution is still eluding them :P

    Nov 27, 10:14 PM
    Actualllly somthing like this with a touch screen and it flips around like other tablets..

    Pic From^^^^^^

    Jul 21, 02:26 PM
    It'll be quite an action-packed WWDC, if all these rumors pan out--which of course they wont.

    -Leopard preview
    -Mac Pros
    -new iPod Nanos
    -true video iPods
    -iTMS movie downloads
    -MacBook Pros with Meroms

    Crazy. I'm betting against the consumer-related announcements. And hoping for MBPs with new enclosure and features.