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Monday, May 16, 2011

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  • solvs
    Jul 23, 10:02 PM
    The iBook never went under $999.
    I said sub-$1000. $999 is sub-$1000. ;) The iMac started out at $1300, and dropped to $800 at one point. Stuff it getting cheaper. I don't know when a cheaper laptop will be coming out, but I'll bet one is.

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  • firewood
    May 7, 11:19 AM
    Google wants to be Apple. So now Apple wants to be Google.

    Given the market cap of those two companies, it doesn't seem like that bad a strategy for either of them.

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  • UrsaMajor
    Mar 30, 01:40 AM
    Only a few people here mentioned the bandwidth issues.

    Cloud storage is a great idea but will only work if we have unlimited flat rates to access it. You have to pay for storage, but then you need to pay for access either thru you 3G cap or the ever increasing ISP caps.

    ISPs are cracking down big time with people using stuff like Netflix around the clock.

    I can't see how any of this mobile stuff will get better with AT&T and t mobile going together. Feels like the aol per minute days.

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  • bedifferent
    Apr 21, 04:15 PM
    Could the thinner profile be a result to full integration of "Light Peak" fiber optics? I know some state that "Light Peak" is only beneficial to external devices and limited to a mini-DisplayPort connection. However, Intel has tested "Light Peak" as a replacement for internal components, replacing the need for multiple controllers such as built-in USB/FireWire/Display connections. It's been mentioned that "ThunderBolt" will handle USB 3.0 with the new Sandy Bridge logic board/chips due out. SATA drives currently offer 3/Gbps but with the advent of SSD's, slimming down the guts with a full "Light Peak" system that runs most components would make sense no?

    (and AMEN to Apple getting slightly back on track with their Professional line, now just focus on a dedicated ACD line instead of a stripped down 27" iMac LED LCD panel and for god's sake extend the cables for the current display to reach Mac Pro's!)

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  • rjohnstone
    Apr 18, 05:21 PM
    Absolutely false. For instance on MArch 18, 2011 alone, the EU awarded Apple about 24 patents on icons (patentlyapple.com)
    Does not apply in the U.S.
    U.S does not recognize patents on icons.
    Those would/could be covered by copyright law.

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  • MikeTheC
    Nov 26, 10:31 AM
    There are already GNU/Linux based cellphones. And what about the iPhone implies that it would be open in a way that, say, an average Nokia isn't? I appreciate they ported GNU/Linux to the iPod, but for the most part the reason similar things haven't happened on more regular cellphones has been an issue of the amount of work involved, with it being somewhat harder to write a GSM stack from scratch and port a kernel than it is to simply port an off-the-shelf kernel. (And I guess there's the additional issue that there are six zillion cellphones using about one quillion completely incompatible hardware platforms, whereas there are only a handful of MP3 players and only one that's achieved marketshare heaven.)

    Oh, sure. But GNU/Linux could slowly introduce a standardized set of cell phone hardware platforms to build from, just like Intel and AMD and ATI (now a part of AMD, of course) and NVidia produce reference platform hardware that then anyone can make a compatible motherboard/daughter card from, what needs to happen is to have one particularly successful and particularly popular cell phone interface, and then (potentially) everyone would be clamoring to sell it to their customers.

    Now, the difference between cell phones and computers is in the history. Cell phones achieved popularity and mass market penetration before a unifying hardware platform or OS platform came into being; whereas computers didn't achieve that kind of success until afterward. So really the dynamic and all the sequencing here is different.

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  • wildmac
    Sep 15, 05:43 PM
    Powerbook G5 on tuesday ?

    GeekLaw: A) That phrase above shall be banned for a period of at least 2 years, at whence time it shall be deemed cool and retro when used in reference to overdue product announcements. B) The phrase shall only refer to products which have not been refreshed for over 1 year. (Servers excluded).

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  • FluJunkie
    Apr 22, 01:08 AM
    And how do you operate it? A server can be accessed from a workstation but a Mac Pro IS a workstation, it's not a server. It's not a logical step. I have a professional photographer in the family, with a Mac Pro. He needs to load his RAWs onto his Mac for post processing. How to do this if that Mac is in another room, in a rack :confused: Very inconvenient if you ask me.

    It is trivial, in say my case, to SSH into a "workstation" type Mac Pro, say "Noble Mac Pro, run this really computational intensive code, I'll check back in a bit" and then SSH the output back to another machine when it's done. No muss, no fuss.

    Now imagine you have bunches of workstations...

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  • macenforcer
    Aug 7, 08:33 PM
    well I called back and upped the ram to 2 gigs which is what i consider the base really.

    I just didnt want to go running around looking for ram to get to work.

    Crucial doesnt have anything for the MacPro yet and I was fooled by the strange new words and the "you will have heat problems if you buy other ram from other makers that dont have heat sinks!"

    What the??

    So I feel for it and bit another 300 offa my wallet.

    figure that with this base i can then search at a somewhat leisurely pace to get the other 4 gigs kits that will fit in the remaining slots.

    Please someone tell me it was a smart move?


    I was thinking this myself until I saw it was 4 x 512mb sticks. That just sucks. If it was 2 x 1gb sticks I would say not bad but its not good. Give crucial a few days to look into it. They guarantee compatibility, if it doesn't work you can return it. I am holding out for third party ram and staying with the 1gb base. Thank god its 1gb and not 512mb they usually throw at us.

    Sorry to cast a shadow over your decision but hey if you can afford it who cares right.

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  • Multimedia
    Sep 16, 10:02 AM
    MacBook please.C2D MB by Thanksgiving Nov 23 :D

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  • maclaptop
    Apr 20, 07:00 AM
    The nice thing this time around is that everyone seems to have such low expectations that Apple can only meet or exceed them :D

    Very well said :)

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  • mdriftmeyer
    Apr 21, 08:16 PM
    It would save money with the need for less raw materials.

    It would save very little money in material costs for the overall market. They don't have 2 options for a Workstation.

    This would be their section option.

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  • aristobrat
    Apr 25, 08:56 AM
    So Steve is saying there is no database of locations? Thats just an outright lie.
    No. Re-read the three sentences he typed. He said that Apple is not tracking anyone. That infers that the database of locations is not being used to track a users location.

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  • Plutonius
    May 5, 11:43 AM
    are we ready to move to the next room? anyone wants to split out for whatever reason?

    No reason to split. There is only 1 door.

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  • deconstruct60
    Apr 21, 10:01 PM
    Why spend hundreds of thousands of pounds on redevelopment for an audience of, lets say 50,000 customers when you can spend the same amount on an audience of 1million+ customers.

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  • skinnylegs
    Mar 29, 09:07 AM
    As much as I enjoy Apple products and services, it's nice seeing someone beat them to the punch. This can only be a good thing for all of us.

    I see cloud services as an exciting technology. I'm rockin a Macbook Air and the only files I keep on the 64 GB SSD are documents. All music, pictures, video and movies are on a 500 GB external HD. Obviously it requires little or no effort to plug said external HD into the Air but it would be nice to shed it. It would also be nice not having to sync music over to the iPhone.

    I say bring it on!

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  • ArchaicRevival
    Apr 25, 10:14 AM
    Whoever sent that email is a total moron lol

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  • PatrickCocoa
    May 4, 03:01 PM
    pro: one less disc to keep track of. my family already lost my iWork disc.

    cons: what if i want to format the hard drive and restart from scratch? or even just archive and install? what if i completely replace my hard drive? what if i want to sell my mac and get a new one, would i retain the license or would the buyer get it? how would they reinstall the OS after I wipe the hard drive? how long is this going to take to download? will we be able and authorized to burn our own install DVDs from the downloaded software?

    Then don't buy from the Mac App Store.

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  • Mechcozmo
    Nov 26, 01:21 PM
    All of the components would be low-end and 1-2 generations old. Basically, this is a wireless thin-client, but with enough additional resources to act as a low-end laptop.

    Like this? Linkety (http://www.oqo.com/)
    A bit more expensive than you would like, but otherwise seems to fit pretty well.

    Mar 30, 03:38 AM
    This must be the number 1 concern on all of Japans minds right now... How will everyone survive without an ipod.

    Wait... How did we ever survive without it!

    I'M FREAKING OUT ! ! !

    Mar 29, 01:38 PM
    ...obviously, is the rollout of a "Kindle Tablet" running Honeycomb.

    The custom Amazon front end would have icons for:

    Kindle Reading App (and Kindle Store)
    Amazon Music Player (with cloud storage) and MP3 Store
    Amazon Prime Streaming Video (and the Amazon Video Store)
    Amazon Android App Store
    Cloud Storage Manager
    Some sort of Web Browser

    And underneath that is Honeycomb. Maybe they throw in a free Amazon Prime subscription with purchase (free 2-day shipping on Amazon purchases).

    Here would be Amazon leveraging all their strengths into a physical device that could seriously challenge the iPad in ways that no other vendor can, because it creates an Amazon "ecosystem" with the worlds biggest store for physical goods attached.

    People like to shop.

    Mar 28, 12:19 PM
    Hmm. I suppose this increases the likelihood of the next iPhone being the "iPhone 4G" after all.

    That said, my 3GS contract is up in June. If Apple waits until October to release the next iPhone, and it's not LTE, then I will be jumping ship. Never thought I'd say that, but I'm not holding onto a 3G-only phone until almost 2013.

    Mar 26, 11:27 PM
    So the sources are Gruber who stated it was a guess and TechCrunch who are, well, TechCrunch.

    sounds like someone just bought an iPad 2

    May 8, 03:27 AM
    I need more space - my 60GB is full. I decided to keep a second back up in the cloud and chose Apple for no other reason than I 'feel' safe with them.