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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

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  • SirHaakon
    Mar 29, 06:12 PM
    Here's an album for 99 cents; increase your storage by 15 gigs for just a buck.


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  • MovieCutter
    Apr 7, 09:31 AM
    Apple is probably one of the most strategically intelligent tech companies in the world right now. Not just forward-thinking in terms of disabling their competitors...but just wicked smart.

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  • roland.g
    May 4, 02:52 PM
    I would get a new iMac now if I knew that Lion would run SL pricing at $29. Otherwise I will wait for a preload. But obviously pricing and a release date won't be forthcoming prior to WWDC at the earliest. Guess we will know more in about 5 weeks.

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  • roach
    Nov 26, 07:54 PM
    As a tablet PC user. Vista and tablet are an Awesome combo. Vista added so much function that helps computing work on pen alone. I have a slate with removable keyboard which I don't bring anymore.

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  • BornAgainMac
    Aug 4, 05:02 AM
    The reason. To do what they did with the mini drives on the iPod. Buy up as much inventory that Intel has the offer. Make Dell and all the rest wait until production of the chips can keep up with demand. Dell and the others will still ship a ton of products but with the slower Celerons and the equiv AMD.

    I am curious of anyone does the volume of Core Duo products as Apple anyways.

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  • KCMichaelB
    Nov 11, 09:14 AM
    How wrong you are.
    This software actually protects for more than just viruses, it also removes trojans which HAVE been written for Mac. It also removes Windows viruses that you as a user can still pass on to other people. It removed 3 trojans from my machine, yes they were Windows trojans, BUT I will now not pass them on in emails, etc.

    Be ignorant if you like, but one day soon we will all be caught out.

    It found 7 trojans (6 for Windows and 1 for OS X) on my Mac.

    Btw, how does one know if their computer is virus/malware/adware free if they never scan for it?

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  • zim
    Nov 24, 11:04 PM
    Apple has about as good a chance of entering the cell phone market as LG does entering the MP3 player market.

    Apple doesn't do inexpensive very well.. and 'playing with others' isn't one of their strengths, either. Both are requirements to enter an already highly competitive cell phone marketplace.

    Apple needs to get back to what they do best, which is innovate in untapped or barely tapped markets where they really stand out and shine against the competition.. Apple II, Original Macintosh, iPod, etc. Not jump into an already saturated market with little to distinguish themselves between the competition but a pretty case.

    LG does make an mp3 player (http://www.lge.com/products/category/list/audio_portable_mp3%20player.jhtml).

    I believe that Apple's success has been based on the simplicity of the product not on how rich in features it is. Cell phones are currently overly complex, attempting to do more then what their intent was, which is where I think Apple can make a difference. Removing complexity is what Apple does best.

    As for playing with others, Apple has constantly made attempts to bridge the gap between PC and Macs. Look at the early PowerMacs when apple had translation tools, and the ability to read PC formated disks.

    "Apple doesn't do inexpensive very well"
    - Simplicity comes at a price.

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  • Thunderhawks
    Mar 28, 11:50 AM
    Apple would only be hurting themselves if they waited until the Fall.

    People are ready for a new iPhone. If it doesn't come out by June, some will lose patience and buy an iPhone 4, or worse, will be tempted by the false promises coming from every phone offering 4G service.

    Didn't read all the posts, but you realize there will be one like this soon:

    Apple already has the iphone 5 in their warehouses. After the botched ipad2 fiasco, they finally learned their lesson.

    Once the hype machine starts they will again make the iphone 5 scarce, so people stand in line, just to get press coverage.

    Feel free to add:-)

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  • marksman
    Apr 18, 04:09 PM
    Wow apple is way out of line here, this is not right. That's like if the first company to create a netbook sued every other company who made a netbook afterward.

    That does not make any sense as a comparison at all. First of all a netbook is just a laptop.

    Imitation is the sincerest of flattery
    Charles Caleb Colton Lacon: or, Many things in few words, 1820

    Many other examples of the same thought�though not as eloquent or quotable�antedate even this.

    The Caleb estate will be suing that other guy for infringing on his comments.

    Indeed. Apple spends less on R&D than many of their competitors.

    It is expensive to reverse engineer everything.

    shame really that Apple is resorting to Microsoft-esque tactics. If you can't beat em, just sue em, mentality.

    But they are beating them, beating them all. Beating them to a pulp in the phone market, and obliterating them in the tablet market. The only chance the competition seems to believe they have is copying Apple.

    They are beating them to tiny bits. So they are beating them and suing them.

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  • GGJstudios
    Dec 25, 08:30 AM
    If mac users don't use av software, there's little motivation for anyone to supply it. If NO ONE is working on av software, then in the eventuality that we do need it, we're all starting from scratch. That's just never a good place to be if you can with minimal effort prevent it.

    It's kind of like getting your flu shot in a year when the flu isn't supposed to be particularly bad. I seldom get the flu, but I go ahead and get the shot every year anyway because if no one does, there's little motivation for pharma companies to develop future flu shots. Which means in the really bad flu years, there's a shortage because only one company is making the shot.
    There is simply no correlation between humans and flu and Macs and malware. They don't relate at all. Anti-virus is not necessary for protection for Macs against malware at this time. If you read this, you'll understand why: Mac Virus/Malware Info (http://forums.macrumors.com/showpost.php?p=9400648&postcount=4)

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  • rjohnstone
    Apr 18, 03:40 PM
    The iPhone 1 was announced before the Prada phone. Patent dates showed iPhone implementation of a capacitive touchscreen phone at least a year before LG showed their Prada phone in 2006. The Prada shipped in small shipments before the iPhone, so that is their only claim that it was technically released before the iPhone even though real shipments occurred months later. Technically, if Apple wanted to, they could have sued LG.

    Also, the Prada isn't a smartphone. It can't load apps. It doesn't even have a qwerty keyboard. You input text through the phone dialer like old school SMS.

    Irrelevant argument from a "look and feel" standpoint as NOBODY outside of Apple knew what the iPhone looked like.
    So either the design was logical or LG was frikkin clairvoyant and could see into the future.

    The patent filings are moot.
    Loading apps are moot as the original iPhone didn't permit that either.
    The virtual qwerty keyboard existed before the iPhone as well.

    Seriously do 10 seconds of research before posting.
    What Apple did was made a phone that contained a lot of EXISTING technology and wrapped it into a single package.
    And did a good job doing it too.

    Show me something that works as well BEFORE Apple demoed the iPhone.

    Technology =/= usability.

    Irrelevant. Most of the tech in the iPhone predates it.

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  • KnightWRX
    May 6, 07:37 AM
    Microsoft isnt switching over to just ARM. They're just making Windows compatible on ARM. For their Windows 8 Tablets most likely.

    Bingo, surprising it took 10 pages for someone to point out the obvious. It was starting to get funny reading about "Windows 8 on ARM!" as if that points to anything as far as laptops/desktops go.

    It's not like Windows running on something other than x86 or x86_64 is surprising anyhow. Windows NT had ports to PPC, MIPS, Alpha and more recently ia64 during it's long history (that dates back to 1993).

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  • rockthecasbah
    Aug 2, 04:10 PM
    i am happy that iPods "aren't expected" at WWDC, it doesn't seem the right place. We need emphasis on computers and software for them, not redesigned (or just updated) music players. xServe, Mac Pros, and hopefully redesigned exteriors of MacBook Pros, as well as lots of Leopard showing is what i hope for :)

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  • centauratlas
    Mar 29, 02:48 PM
    I agree. Given the last Ford we purchased leaked and after 6 months of trying to fix it, the Ford dealer said "well, everything leaks" and said they'd give a good deal on it to trade it in if we wanted. And the last GM we had stalled every morning when you were pulling out on to the road and the dealer said that it was "just the way the car was made," and could never fix it I wouldn't buy an American made car unless they started getting good reports both for quality upfront (they just sound cheap compared to a Honda, Mercedes, Lexus, Porsche, or Toyota) and for quality over 5-6+ years of ownership. And the previous American made cars we had were of similar low quality.

    So for the last 11 years, I've been buying non-American. It is too bad, but the quality is not there. I even looked at one with a friend in November and it was the same deal.

    An iPhone made in the US would be double the price due to high taxes and regulation. Quality, who knows, but the cost would be prohibitive compared to everyone else. It would be the fastest way for Apple to kill itself. If Apple *could* do it, they would, but it is impossible.

    It is competition - if you can't compete on quality or price, you are out of luck. Unless you can get a handout.

    Quality would probably go down.

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  • l008com
    Jul 29, 09:21 PM
    Up until about a year or so ago, Cingular used to have the worst network. And the Verizon network was mint. Great signal everywhere on earth and never lost a call. Now I have to try every call 4 times before it goes through. I'd rather see Apple buy up another carrier and own them. How much does a small cellular carrier cost to buy? :-)

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  • SmackaMac
    Mar 28, 10:40 AM
    Surely this just means the iPhone released in June will simply be like the iPhone 3G to 3GS transition. Same form factor, upgraded internals, etc� Hard to imagine there won't be an iPhone with an A5 this year.

    Ding Ding Ding....We Have a Winner!!!
    Those individuals quoted in the article aren't seeing new pieces produced for the iphone 5 because the form factor will likely be the same as the current phone. I would expect a speed bump with the implementation of the A5 chip.

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  • bousozoku
    Nov 23, 02:48 PM
    Oh yah, there was one. It was a CD player that was soooo bad hardy a soul bought it and it's barely remembered. I think it happened while Steve was at Next abd the idjuts were in control of of Apple. It may have set a record for a short lifespan, not counting Microsoft's vaporware that was never spawned.

    Someone who worked across the aisle from me had a PowerCD connected to his Mac and it was really nice, but it was way too expensive. Then again, you could say that about any of the equipment at the time. It's become much better but the value is often not apparent to the majority of the people.

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  • maelstromr
    Apr 5, 04:03 PM
    You also point out another Myth created by apple, the "Quality of product" myth. They have to control the product to provide quality. So far I can name 10's to 100's of times Apple has failed to provide such good tight control on the quality of their products, from:

    Updates to IOS that crash or disable basic functioning of the device to
    Apps in apple's own App store that either violate peoples information and bank accounts to apps that simply do not work and people paid money for them. The Iphone antenna, yes these are just the examples I can quickly post.

    I can prove apple is delinquent in its stewardship of "Quality" Apple has a great ability to be teflon company with Steve Jobs getting on stage and exclaiming the problem is never Apple its always something else. Steve should of ran for president............:rolleyes:

    Is this a serious argument that Apple does not provide better quality products than everyone else out there or a rant about three (extremely vague and un-substantiated except for antenna) issues demonstrating that at SOME time in the past SOME of Apple's products have been less than perfect? :rolleyes:

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  • Stridder44
    Apr 21, 03:57 PM
    Awesome. Just awesome. :D Can't wait to see what these things look like.

    Apr 10, 02:38 AM
    My Ti-nspire converted this problem into I'm going to use words to avoid confusion: forty-eight halves times 12 is equal to two hundred eighty eight.
    I'm going to ask my ingenious math teacher about this on Monday, and I'll report back with the answer.

    May 6, 11:57 AM
    If you told the average American male that his 5 inch penis was 13 centimeters, we'd be on the metric system a week from Thursday.

    Apr 10, 06:02 PM
    I don't see how you can say that. None the less how anyone can confidently answer this question.

    You arrive at 288 by multiplying 48/2 * (9+3), but that is assuming multiplication is the implied operator.

    Multiplication is always what you do when there is a term directly adjacent the ()

    balamw & dukebound85:
    You guys are making too many assumptions.

    Following your thought process, the original post is not properly written then?

    No assumptions are being made to get 288, but assumptions are being made to get 2. That is the point

    There is nothing wrong with how the original post is written from a mathematical point of view as it produces a definite result.

    However, if the author of the equation meant for all that to be under the denominator, it is not properly written.

    If he did not mean for it to be, it is written in a proper manner but could be written in a clearer form such as (48/2)(9+3). However, that is identical to 48/2(9+3)

    Mar 29, 05:53 PM
    Obviously you know absolutely nothing about Japan. Most employees are very well paid here, and are by in large happy with their jobs. Even those who work part-time in fast-food restaurants. How does $12 an hour to work the evening shift at a McDonald's sound to you?

    Sounds very subjective when you give no cost of living comparisons.

    Apr 26, 02:23 PM
    This was inevitable given the number of phone models each OS is on. It was clear to see from way off. However if Apple are making more money than Google from these units it won't be anything for them to worry about.

    It's much like Windows and OS X, there's the volume model (Windows) and the Apple model. I'm happy with my iPhone and I haven't met anyone who's been unhappy with theirs either, that said, I've also not spoken to any friends who are unhappy with Android.

    Competition is good and while ever there is the competition then innovation will be driven more than if there was a monopoly, so this can't really be seen as a bad thing.