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Friday, May 13, 2011

sad quotes on life and love

sad quotes on life and love. SAD QUOTES ABOUT LOVE AND LIFE

  • StickNutzman
    Mar 28, 09:45 AM
    That's just getting complacent in my opinion, people like myself like changing phones yearly, no new iPhone means no return business, I'll try something else instead, bad move if true.

    Sure you will. :rolleyes:

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  • kainjow
    Aug 7, 02:14 PM
    Hmm... Cinema displays also got a bump.

    20" ACD
    Brightness: 250 cd/m2 -> 300 cd/m2
    Contrast Ratio: 400:1 -> 700:1

    23" ACD
    Brightness: 270 cd/m2 -> 400 cd/m2
    Contrast Ratio: 400:1 -> 700:1
    Nice find, thanks. I was hoping they'd update the displays. Now to see when my local Apple Store will have them in stock :p

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  • ChickenSwartz
    Aug 3, 10:11 AM
    Um, surely you're not that silly.

    He was giving a "SteveQuote" similar to the one from WWDC '05 along the lines of "Oh by the way if you look up here you'll see this whole presentation is running on Intel processors."

    I was confused as well.

    Funny, I like.

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  • hulugu
    Apr 19, 02:08 PM
    What does "willing to be convinced" mean? Will you read Human Action by Mises? It's a thousand pages of thoroughly explained economics. You don't have to read the whole thing, just the sections pertaining to monetary policy and taxes.

    Well, I'm willing to read about it and really try to understand your point of view.

    If you are waiting for a super intelligent, eloquent, and succinct guy to spend a lot of time convincing people on message boards in order to be convinced of anything you don't already believe, you'll never change your mind about anything. From my end, I don't have the wherewithal or inclination to spend more than a few minutes on a post. So you're really only doing yourself a disservice by passively waiting for someone with all the answers- someone who is also willing to spend as much time as necessary to convince a complete stranger who completely disagrees with him.

    I thought we were just having a conversation...what I'm really looking for is a succinct argument as a frame for further investigation. I'm not convinced by either "side" here, but I am challenging your assertions because I'm trying to get a stronger sense of your point of view and where its edges are. So, if it feels like I'm picking at you, it's only because I find your arguments interesting and strong enough to be worth chewing on.

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  • Ibjr
    May 9, 03:16 PM
    I'd be so pissed/happy if it were to become free... 1 year of .Mac and 2 years of MobileMe.

    Pissed, I spent $99 for 3 years

    Happy, more people will have access to MobileMe's benefits.

    I do not understand this flawed logic. Making it free does not impact the service's values for the last three years. If you did not think it was worth the price you paid, you should not have renewed it.

    I say this has someone who has paid for dotmac/mobileme since it stopped being iTools. Unlike you, my average yearly cost was 30 dollars because I bought them off of eBay.

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  • appleguy123
    May 3, 08:46 PM
    Could I just explore the first room and save a turn for later(I'm not necessarily wanting to do this, just asking if it's possible)?

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  • Loge
    Aug 7, 04:16 PM
    SO in the Paris expo is where we'll most likely see updated MBP? :confused:

    They don't need a special event for what will most likely just be an updated processor.

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  • aliensporebomb
    Apr 25, 11:46 AM
    If the Android phones are being tracked at every minute, then why couldn't they find my friends' phone that was stolen out of her desk at her workplace?

    sad quotes on life and love. sad quotes about love and life
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  • dba7dba
    Apr 26, 03:15 PM
    They can activate it in the store for you and do a personal setup if you want. setup your email etc..

    You do not need a computer to own the phone. (updates going forward i believe require a computer but over the air updates are on the horizon)

    My iPad i haven't yet synced with my computer as an example. walked out of the store smart cover on and my email already setup.

    what about future updates? what if you can't go to a local apple store? i can but what about others who don't have one nearby? something apple should think about.

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  • kingtj
    Mar 28, 10:02 AM
    Apple has been repeatedly bashed for focusing too much on iOS devices, to the detriment of their core computer product line. (They took people off of working on OS X to finish fixing things on the iPad, etc. etc.)

    Now, it sounds like they're trying to bring the focus back to the Mac again for a little while, and people are complaining??

    Why would you feel a need to get a new cellphone every single year? Contracts tend to run 2 years, discouraging you from upgrading that often anyway. But regardless, all of the recent "smartphones" I've seen are built well enough so they'll easily hold up for a good 2 years of use. All of the things I'd really need to do on a mobile phone will work fine next year, just the way they work this year. Even if you're just hung up on having "the latest thing"? If Apple delays release of the iPhone 5, then the 4 remains the "latest thing" from them for a while longer.

    More to the point of the original topic though? I can definitely see why this WWDC would be a critical one, in many ways, to talk about a lot of software changes! Apparently, the Linux community is rapidly switching over their software to the "GPL3" license, which has a lot of "gotchas" in it that try to restrict what commercial businesses can do with the code. Essentially, they're trying to keep companies like Apple from benefiting from their free, open-source projects, and keep them for Linux users instead. The Apache web server is moving to a GPL3 license, for example, as is the gcc compiler and Samba.

    Apple has to start moving to alternate products for all of this core functionality and get developers up to speed on the changes, or we're in for a LOT of reduced functionality in future OS X versions.

    That's just getting complacent in my opinion, people like myself like changing phones yearly, no new iPhone means no return business, I'll try something else instead, bad move if true.

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  • BWhaler
    Sep 16, 12:11 AM
    To be fair, I think you are thinking of MacOSRumors (MOSR), not MacOSXRumors. The former have a terrible record in regards to rumours (ie they make up everything), while the latter seem to be a bit more reliable. Shame they are named so similarly though.

    You're right.

    Thanks for the correction.

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  • Westside guy
    Mar 30, 07:20 PM
    Why would people be rooting for the main features to be visual updates? Why would you even pay for that?

    Now full-disk encryption - THAT is a nice (and useful) new feature!

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  • EricNau
    May 3, 09:48 PM
    I don't have the time to write an exhaustive response to this magnum opus, but I'm going to leave with a few concluding points:
    It doesn't matter what normal body temperature is because that's not what people are looking for when they take a temperature; they're looking for what's not normal. If it can be helped, the number one is seeking should be as flat as possible.

    There is a distinctive quality about 100 that is special. It represents an additional place value and is a line of demarcation for most people. For a scientist or professional, the numbers seem the same (each with 3 digits ending in the tenths place), but to the lay user they are very different. The average person doesn't know what significant digits are or when rounding is appropriate. It's far more likely that someone will falsely remember "37.2" as "37" than they will "99" as "98.6." Even if they do make an error and think of 98.6 as 99, it is an error on the side of caution (because presumably they will take their child to the doctor or at least call in).

    I realize this makes me seem like I put people in low regard, but the fact is that most things designed for common use are meant to be idiot-proof. Redundancies and warnings are hard to miss in such designs, and on a temperature scale, one that makes 100 "dangerous" is very practical and effective. You have to keep in mind that this scale is going to be used by the illiterate, functionally illiterate, the negligent, the careless, the sloppy, and the hurried.

    The importance of additional digits finds its way into many facets of life, including advertising and pricing. It essentially the only reason why everything is sold at intervals of "xx.99" instead of a flat price point. Marketers have long determined that if they were to round up to the nearest whole number, it would make the price seem disproportionately larger. The same "trick" is being used by the Fahrenheit scale; the presence of the additional digit makes people more alarmed at the appropriate time.
    I believe the discussion of body temperature has reached a senseless level. I disagree with your claim that body temperatures in celsius are more difficult to remember, and I don't believe there's any substatial evidence to support this claim. Regardless, Celsius seems to work just fine for the entire world (...practically), unless you know something about European mothers that I don't.

    Of course any amateur baker has at least a few cups of both wet and dry so they can keep ingredients separated but measured when they need to be added in a precise order. It just isn't practical to bake with 3 measuring devices and a scale (which, let's be real here, would cost 5 times as much as a set of measuring cups).
    I see no reason why baking with a scale is impractical. It's not what you're used to, but that doesn't reflect upon the merits of a metric system.

    This also relies on having recipes with written weights as opposed to volumes. It would also be problematic because you'd make people relearn common measurements for the metric beaker because they couldn't have their cups (ie I know 1 egg is half a cup, so it's easy to put half an egg in a recipe-I would have to do milimeter devision to figure this out for a metric recipe even though there's a perfectly good standard device for it).
    Written weights are more accurate. What's problematic is that there's an additional requirement for measuring volumes of dry goods. Flour must be measured after sifting, brown sugar must be packed, etc. Not only does weighing dry goods eliminate the need to standardization of volume, but it's always going to be more accurate.

    So what would you call 500ml of beer at a bar? Would everyone refer to the spoon at the dinner table as "the 30?" The naming convention isn't going to disappear just because measurements are given in metric. Or are you saying that the naming convention should disappear and numbers used exclusively in their stead?
    As balmaw explained, it doesn't really matter what you call a pint of beer at a bar. Every culture and language has their own name for it.

    In that case, what would I call 1 cup of a drink? Even if it is made flat at 200, 250, or 300ml, what would be the name? I think by and large it would still be called a cup. In that case you aren't really accomplishing much because people are going to refer to it as they will and the metric quantity wouldn't really do anything because it's not something that people usually divide or multiply by 10 very often in daily life.
    If you ask for a "cup of water" at a restaurant, will you be given exactly 8oz? I don't think so.

    Most cups hold more than a cup. So, in the absence of a measuring cup, there's really no need for such a designation. So, assuming we do away with the customary system, why do you need a word to describe 8oz of water? You would stop thinking in cups and start thinking in quarter liter intervals (which is equally, if not more, convenient).

    No, that would be 1/4 of a liter, not 4 liters. I'm assuming that without gallons, the most closely analogous metric quantity would be 4 liters. What would be the marketing term for this? The shorthand name that would allow people to express a quantity without referring to another number?
    I believe milk in Germany is bought by the liter, though I'm sure European members here could elaborate on that.

    You might find purchasing milk by the liter cumbersome, but it works well for them.

    Well I'm assuming that beer would have to be served in metric quantities, and a pint is known the world over as a beer. You can't really expect the name to go out of use just because the quantity has changed by a factor of about 25ml.
    Beer is served in metric quantities all over the world. ...And there are plenty of names for it that aren't "pint." Additionally, I assure you that an American pint of beer is served with less precision than 25ml from bar to bar.

    Except you can't divide the servings people usually take for themselves very easily by 2, 4, 8, or 16. An eighth of 300ml (a hypothetical metric cup), for example, is a decimal. It's not very probable that if someone was to describe how much cream they added to their coffee they'd describe it as "37.5ml." It's more likely that they'll say "1/4 of x" or "2 of y." This is how the standard system was born; people took everyday quantities (often times as random as fists, feet, and gulps) and over time standardized them.
    And metric units, too, are used the world over to describe household amounts.

    Also, dividing 300ml (though, I find it interesting that you keep choosing to compare metric units to customary units, since this is counter-productive) can easily be rounded to 38 or even 40ml, which is precise enough even for baking.

    Though it's entirely a moot point. Metric recipes are normalized to "easy" measurements, just like American recipes are normalized to the nearest cup or 1/2 for items like flour and sugar.

    Every standard unit conforms to a value we are likely to see to this day (a man's foot is still about 12 inches, a tablespoon is about one bite, etc). Granted it's not scientific, but it's not meant to be. It's meant to be practical to describe everyday units, much like "lion" is not the full scientific name for panthera leo. One naming scheme makes sense for one application and another makes sense for a very different application. I whole heartedly agree that for scientific, industrial, and official uses metric is the way to go, but it is not the way to go for lay people. People are not scientists. They should use the measuring schemes that are practical for the things in their lives.
    I don't find the customary system practical. To the contrary, I find it convoluted with no consistency.

    It's onerous to learn how to multiply and divide by 10 + 3 root words? :confused: Besides, so many things in our daily lives have both unit scales. My ruler has inches and cm and mm. Bathroom scales have pounds and kg. Even measuring cups have ml written on them.
    I've witnessed many students struggle with it. When you grow up using Fahrenheit, feet, miles, inches, cups, teaspoons, etc. you get a sense of what each one means; you can "feel" it. The same can't be said about the metric system for most Americans, and it's extremely difficult to teach yourself what each unit intuitively represents as a high school student, for example.

    It's something many of us will never get. Kilometers, Celsius, liters, centimeters, etc. will always "feel" foreign because of the units we were raised with at home. We owe our kids better.

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  • generik
    Jul 21, 06:56 PM
    I'm excited but... :( I kind of want to wait for the 800 Mhz FSB that will most likely come out next year. if it comes with a new case with the macbook styled keyboard ill snatch it up. :p

    That is going to be a long wait, so you better get ready!

    This makes perfect sense as Apple has already dub the Black Macbook the "Top of the Line" yet there isn't really a difference between it and the Midrange so by adding The new processor and graphics chip Apple would essentially create the Top of the Line MacBook

    The price difference would be too small for Apple to do too much though, after all I'm pretty sure it does costs Apple a lot more to make a black casing.. plus with Core 2 chips being more expensive than Yonah...

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  • marvel2
    Jan 13, 04:50 PM
    Not yet... I get a little beep and they are paired within a few seconds.

    I get that beep too, but after I MANUALLY pair the phone to the dock. I'm going to try to erase the TomTom Kit from the iPhone's BT paired devices and start from scratch.

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  • richlee111
    Mar 30, 09:31 AM
    isn't dropbox the same thing?

    Cloud storage is cloud storage, so yes, Dropbox is the same thing.

    +Dropbox: There is a desktop/mobile client that will allow more seamless syncing and pulling of files down. With Amazon's service you will have to manually go and download files you want from their service. Incidentally, Dropbox uses Amazon's cloud storage backend for their service.

    +Amazon: Built-in music player that will play/stream your music. Its like Mougg or MSpot. Makes it easy to have your music anywhere without having to sync all the time.

    Conclusion: This is Amazon's move to try and get you to start buying content from them and not Apple iTunes, Microsoft Zune, and other competitors. They are shooting for a one stop shop for music, video, apps, and other content. In that sense, good move. But we'll see what Apple has up its sleeve(hopefully), if there is an update to Mobile Me.

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  • mrblack927
    Apr 21, 05:22 PM
    Also, don't hold your breath for USB3 - as far as Apple's concerned, USB3 is a dead technology.

    Last I heard, Apple was simply waiting for Intel to support it natively. Intel is going to support USB3 in it's next generation chipsets (http://www.tomshardware.com/news/superspeed-usb-usb3-panther-point,12061.html), and they've made it clear that they don't see USB3 as a direct competitor to Thunderbolt.

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  • japasneezemonk
    May 8, 01:54 AM
    I've had mobile me for a good while and like it. I use it to sync omnifocus, etc... iDisk is nice, but I still use dropbox. I have used it to find my iphone more than once and it's OK but not great, unless it can tell me exactly where my phone is it's still aggravating to know it's in my house, but where? I guess I'm being too picky though. Oh, syncing my MBP to my iMac is definitely a huge timesaver. I would think most people can do with free services, however, for Me it's a awesome. I didn't pay full price for my family plan, so that was nice too, usually if your buying a new laptop or desktop at the Apple Store you can get them to throw in MobileMe and AppleCare for almost nothing.

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  • starflyer
    Mar 27, 12:52 PM
    My thoughts exactly. Our school district (ISD 482) just bought 1,465 iPads for its students, and I can see us getting really mad if Apple were to release a new iPad 6 mos. later.

    If the iPad 2 wasn't what you needed, why not wait?

    May 7, 06:37 PM
    You do not pay Google but advertisers on your splash pages pay Google. You help them make far more money than you would pay for the service and you do that for them for free. And spread the word.

    On behalf of all Google stockholders worldwide, thank you for being one of our minions.


    You make it sound like Google making money is a bad thing. The reason so many people use Google is because they don't mind advertisements. Also, people who use Google's services are no more "minions" than Apple users, they just use what they feel is best.

    Apr 26, 03:53 PM
    It doesn't take a genius to predict that when proprietary OS, making essentially one model of phone, is compared to essentially the rest of the world, that the open OS, having perhaps 30 companies manufacturing perhaps 50 or so models of phone at any time, that they will garner a bigger market share.

    Apple couldn't get enough parts to compete with 30 companies if they tried. They don't want to. Apple is not trying for world dominance. They are trying for perfection. Just as there are more Ford Pintos in the world than Bentleys. Who cares.

    So, in response to this "amazing" statistic, I say, SO WHAT!

    Mar 30, 05:53 PM
    So I guess that Gold Master rumor was wrong.

    Everyone who used the first developer preview knew that rumor was flat wrong.

    Nov 5, 03:19 AM
    Huh. This is really cool, but I'm not familiar with the brand...don't know if it's good, or even legitimate for that matter.

    Still, it's cool to see someone finally offer it free. Windows has had multiple choices for a few years, so this is good news for OS X fans!

    Sophos provides solutions mainly for large corporations. Its as legitimate as it can get. Whats good about is the small foot print their software takes. So its all business and no nonsense "turbo meters" etc. like with Intego Virus Barrier. Honestly I have no idea why they are giving away Home version for free. The business solutions are expensive. Then again if you really want to sell to corporations it makes sense to give people free home versions to gain presence and goodwill. After all those free Home version using people work in corporations...

    Aug 7, 04:08 PM
    love it love it love it...wish i had some cash for i would plunk it down on a new one right now.

    love the 4 bay internal HDs...very sweet. cost savings right there of not buying externals

    processors cool

    2 opticals...very nice...shows expandability to bluray in the future and/or another dvd burner.

    i see posts, yet again, screaming for a mid range tower and then they argue for mid range pcs. for the price of the 2.0 processors, you can get a mac pro for just over 2 Gs.

    what people quickly...so very quickly seem to forget are the intangibles such as:

    increased workflow - how anyone could possibly argue that working on windows xp is faster than os x is beyond me. colour coded folders and items; expose; spotlight; drop and dragging items etc.. etc.. etc..

    stability - no crashes...things run very smooth compared to a peecee world.

    for anybody working on these machines, these 2 factors are HUGE. saved time = saved money = more projects done = more billable hours

    i can't understand why graphic designers/ video and photo folks would want to work on a pc.. macs are the way to go.

    these are intangibles which allow me to work faster, which saves me money. unfortunately, there is no up front cost associated for these so when ppl start looking at a 'lack of mid range'...they forget the additional savings and VALUE which you could say are 'built in'.

    wrt to the gaming issue, from what i understand, macs are great for gaming. personally, i wouldn't own a personal computer for just one thing. that sounds pretty darn silly. i'd like it to be multi-functional. if anyone has the cash to have a machine just for gaming, they could surely afford a mac then b/c they must have some cash...