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Saturday, May 14, 2011

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  • J@ffa
    Sep 9, 10:10 PM
    Well, since the iMacs and Mac Minis are running Core 2 Duo now, what do you think of this;

    �Sales review
    �Chit-chat about iMacs with Core 2 Duo
    �^ Leads into the announced ment of Core 2 Duo MacBook Pros (Maybe MacBook aswell)
    � New iPod

    One More Thing...
    iTunes with Movies.

    Seems reasonable and doable. It sounds perfect for like a 1 hour event.


    If it was a surprise, maybe. Since there'll be no-one there who isn't impatiently waiting for Apple to announce the video store, Jobs isn't going to create false suspense. Maybe he'll start with the pleasantries about how great Apple is, marketshare rah rah, then introduce the Movie store and provide the basic details... THEN unleash the real point, the device to plug stuff into your TV. They can work in the new MBPs/MBs as part of the whole glorious iLife spiel, or something.

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  • Beyondthought
    Mar 29, 12:05 PM
    Really!! I cant wait to get rid of my shite Windows Phone!!

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  • pcbjr
    May 3, 05:01 PM
    My iMacs have 2 Firewire ports (a 27" and a 24") which I use for TM and a SD clone external. The new iMacs only have one FW port - with 4 USB connections. Seems like a slower way to have to back up, and I see no externals out there that run Thunderbolt.

    Am I missing something? :confused:

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  • Jvhowube
    Aug 31, 02:11 PM
    all I care about is getting my MB/P with Merom inside of it. I'm starting school with a POS laptop, and I need someone to tell me that I'll be ordering a new computer on the 12th. PLEASE!

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  • yg17
    Apr 25, 09:31 AM
    Instead of increasing the driving age, what about requiring more logged hours with a parent whit a learner's permit, manditory quality driver's ed, and making it harder for unsafe drivers to get their licence? Then require a one year driving check up a year after the licence was attained?

    I don't think that would've done much good here. His mom was encouraging him to do this ****.

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  • macadam212
    Mar 29, 11:58 AM
    I believe Windows Phone market share gains will come largely at the expense of Android. I think iOS will do just fine, as they have great hardware software integration which differentiates them from what Microsoft and Google are doing.

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  • Josias
    Aug 28, 12:26 PM
    God I want a 15" Merom MBP, but I need to get rid of my MB first, and I want iLife '07 in them. I can't wait for Leopard. Please Steve, read it...:D

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  • aristobrat
    Sep 19, 02:29 PM
    ... and yet there is a conspicuous lack of a self-congratulatory press release from Amazon about their sales numbers. I suspect that despite Unbox starting with 2000 movies, they've sold less than 125,000 movies.
    If that's true, I wonder if it's because folks didn't want to have to learn new software to make Amazon's solution work, vs. "just clicking" in iTunes?

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  • mambodancer
    Oct 28, 09:15 AM
    They do build in obsolescence into the ipod as you can't replace the battery (easily). It does become a disposable item, although a pricey one at that. I do love the ipod (even though I don't own one) but this puts me off to the point where I just can't go through with actually buying one. My experience with rechargeable batteries in mobile phones and lap top isn't good.

    My first gen 5GB iPod is still going strong after 5 years.

    Also, even if the battery went totally dead, why would you throw a perfectly good iPod away? I use mine as a portable hard drive and in the car with an FM transmitter (connected to the lighter outlet to power the iPod) to listen to podcasts and music. Neither requires the battery for either of these functions. If you jog or bike or listen to your iPod while travelling and don't have access to power then replacing the battery is problematic but not impossible. In fact the local Microcenter here in Denver sells iPod battery replacements for less than $100 and will install them if you don't want to.

    I don't think this is the problem some people seem to think it is and if anyone reading these posts wants to throw out their iPod that has a bad battery please contact me and I will gladly take it off your hands.

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  • Gasu E.
    Apr 22, 08:37 AM
    That's my point. You don't have to. Most of the ereaders have the ability to swap books as loaners. This is all still very, very new to our society and I am sure that as we progress this is the way it will become.

    You, sir, get it. The technologies create new capabilities that will adapt to the market. The luddites are only capable of seeing innovation as a loss.

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  • suneohair
    Sep 14, 11:25 AM
    Some ACD love? I need to buy soon.

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  • BornAgainMac
    Sep 19, 06:51 PM
    I was disappointed that only Disney signed up so I bought a ton of movies in the last week. Hopefully that got the attention of the other studios and sign up too. I really like the idea of downloading musics and I think HD movies will be a killer next year. Hopefully hard drives will continue to go down in price.

    Most of the movies I purchased I didn't plan to purchase in DVD format. I looked at the trailer and liked it so I bought it. It is the convenience that sold me. This is revenue the studio would never receive before now.

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  • technicolor
    Oct 12, 12:41 PM
    They might as well add a Core 2 Duo Mac Book Pro too.
    Please CAN IT!

    CAN IT!

    My god we cant talk about anything on this board without the core 2 duo macbook/pro crew coming to mess up a thread THAT HAS ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO WITH LAPTOP UPDATES

    CAN IT!

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  • BWhaler
    Aug 28, 10:59 PM
    I really hope it takes until november or december. Watching you all squirm and making positive posts predicting a swift release for your own peace of mind is entertaining, and probably educational.

    mmmm...nothing like a little troll late in the evening.

    Go back to DellRocksTheWorld.com or AmigaForever.com or RollYourOwnPC.com or whatever...

    And have a nice day. :)

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  • Teddy's
    Sep 12, 09:16 PM
    However, the Intel Mac's are buggy as hell.

    my MacBook Pro is solid and strong as my previous PowerBook
    No complains here

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  • kdarling
    Mar 23, 04:33 PM
    This is why it's a really bad idea to set yourself up as an application gatekeeper.

    And who watches the gatekeeper? Yep, politicians and special interest groups looking for easy publicity.

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  • fabianjj
    Apr 19, 08:30 AM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_3 like Mac OS X; sv-se) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8F190 Safari/6533.18.5)

    To be honest, there aren't ha t many ways you can design a touch screen smartphone. It's a big screen with speaker on top and a few buttons on the bottom.

    And for the software, if apple is the only one who can use a grid that you swipe horizontally, could google then claim the right to a vertical one, leaving any new competitor forced to choose a diagonal one? <slight sarcasm>

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  • powerbook911
    Sep 12, 04:24 PM
    although i agree with u techicly u just did i dont know why im replying lol but i liked all the stuff i mean if ur a Video Quailty Freak go get a dvd and play it on your tv if ur just a average movie watcher like me i think this is great and i hope to see more companys on itunes as well

    Well, DVDs aren't good quality either. However, that is like the minimum quality they should be selling.

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    Mar 23, 05:50 PM
    Its plain to see what is happening here. But I agree with you I will not concede my rights for any reason what so ever.

    I stop listening to anyone who ever utters the words "Constitutional or not..."

    Our basic freedoms as Americans aren't worth conceding for any reason whatsoever, no matter how noble the goal may seem from a distance.

    Sep 1, 08:42 AM
    I'd say a refresh of the Mac Mini and/or iMac might happen. Why would they call both of the existing models 'early 2006' (esp. the mini) in this page.


    Because that's when they were released.

    Sep 6, 03:49 PM
    Ship times on the Airport Extreme have been pushed back 1-3 weeks. Anyone else notice?

    Number 41
    Mar 23, 05:11 PM
    Hopefully DWI checkpoints yield such low benefits from these apps that they become extinct although I doubt it. Hassling thousands of honest, sober citizens to catch the 1-2% legally intoxicated drivers isn't worth the price we all pay. I question our freedom in America each time I drive up to a checkpoint. If you're wondering, no I've never received a DWI nor driven intoxicated and I still hate these checkpoints. They don't make me feel safer on the road.

    Lobbying money from MADD and SADD pretty much ensures that random OVI checkpoints will never go away.

    There's no political capital in being perceived as "not tough enough" on drunk drivers.

    Sep 9, 02:30 PM
    That would be an OS issue, would it not? It would be up to the OS to allocate cores to processes.Yes an OS issue.


    Sep 5, 03:15 PM
    Steve's debuting a new series of "I'm a Mac" TV ads