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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

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  • BlizzardBomb
    Jul 14, 12:11 PM
    ...the desktop versions of the Core Duo processors which currently reside in Apple's MacBook, MacBook Pro and iMac computers.

    But the current Core Duos are "mobile" processors right? :confused:

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  • thequicksilver
    Aug 24, 07:33 AM
    It's the sensible thing to do.

    IMO though the bigger news is Creative being part of the Made for iPod campaign.

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  • *LTD*
    Apr 28, 08:51 PM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_3_2 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Mobile/8H7)

    It's very, very telling. MS is riding the coattails of their universal licensing racket while Apple keeps changing the face of consumer tech. This day was bound to come.

    This is the post-PC era and we'll see MS in decline.

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  • bdj21ya
    Oct 12, 03:44 PM
    Ha ha, You are nuts. Let me tell you how it works.

    Nobody gets rich by curing a disease. That is why diabetes, AIDS, HIV etc are all treated with "Keep you alive but not cure you drugs" that you have to buy for the rest of your life. The government and drug companies are in it together and are pure evil. Ain't nobody going to cure anything unless they can keep making money doing it. Get it? Good.

    I agree that the drugs are a pretty silly "solution". Spending millions to keep people alive a little longer only makes sense if there isn't a better way to spend the money. I think it makes a lot more sense to spend money on education efforts and economic development. Education and increased economic opportunity, not drugs, are going to solve this problem.

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  • iMacZealot
    Sep 15, 11:01 PM
    May I remind you:

    1G 23 Oct 2001
    2G 17 July 2002
    3G 28 April 2003
    4G/Photo July 2004
    5G 12 Oct 2005
    5G (enhanced) 12 Sep 2006
    6G (not ready yet)
    iPhone� Clear some space under that (Walnut) tree.

    Besides this is not an iPod, it's an iPod Phone�

    What about the iPod mini or shuffle?

    In retrospect, I should've said product and not just iPod. That's where they release all the toys.

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  • milo
    Sep 19, 05:23 PM
    But my point is that Steve talked about 30-minute downloads as if to say that this is what your average user can expect.

    Absolutely not. He said 30 minutes on a fast connection, pointing out SPECIFICALLY what speed connection is needed for that. If you interpreted it as "average users" will get that speed, you just weren't listening.

    If I want to take my iBook on the road with me, then how are the other people in my house going to access the Movies and other media via iTV if it's stored on my iBook or some "external HD" which requires a host computer to be of any use.

    How do they check their email when you take the notebook on the road?

    I think the major problem with external hardrives, is that iTunes will organises all your content into the Music folder. I just bought a 300GB drive and would love to place all my movies in their, but at the same time I want my music on my Mac (not the external). Apple really needs to address the storage features in iTunes, as movies are large files.

    iTunes places content into that folder when you download or rip. But you can put content anywhere, just drag it into iTunes from the new location. I'd like to see them support multiple folders in the future, but you can certainly use content without having it in the folder already.

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  • macadam212
    May 4, 03:32 AM
    Apple's mini displayport didn't last long, or is is Thunderbolt compatible with it?

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  • Meandmunch
    Apr 25, 07:08 PM
    Other than shaving a few millimeters of the case, a few grams of weight what amount of change isn't incremental at this point?

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  • bjdku
    Aug 31, 01:38 PM
    If that's true for an small format movie, the Itunes Movie store will bomb. There is no way in hell people will pay that money. Is better buy a DVD at your local store.
    Apple knows that, so that's why I am pretty sure it won't happen.

    I agree they know better, and who has been feverishly building bandwidth and capability to deliver full length full resolution movies...Google has.

    And who just joined the Apple Board, the Google CEO!!!!


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  • techficiency
    Mar 29, 03:09 PM
    hilarious! balmer's standing around somewhere squirting himself into a false sense of security. microsoft is a dinosaur and about as hip and cool as an 8track.

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  • paradox00
    Apr 14, 01:27 PM
    It's pretty funny that people think that TB is designed to replace USB and therefore competing against it. Saying that is like suggesting that PCIe and DP are competing against USB, because that's what TB is. If your computer doesn't have USB 3.0 and you want it, what do you plug the USB 3.0 controller card into? PCIe of course... how is USB 3.0 competing with the thing it plugs into???

    Intel announcing that their future chipsets will support TB and USB 3.0 is great news. It makes a monitor (connected to a computer through a single cable) with a USB 3.0 dock possible and it means all Intel based PCs will ship with TB standard.

    TB isn't there to replace USB mice. It's there to provide high speed access to raid arrays, enable universal docking stations with a full array of ports (think USB, eSata, HDMI, audio, etc) connected to a computer through a single cable, and allow laptops to better utilize external graphics cards. The possibilities of extending the PCIe bus outside of the computer are limitless, I can't wait to see what people dream up (especially as speeds ramp up).

    USB and TB are largely complimentary. One exception is external hard drives of course and TB is far superior in that aspect (theres a reason raid controllers are plugged into PCIe). Why people are opposed to this is beyond me.

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  • Consultant
    Mar 29, 11:47 AM
    Sure. Similar growth rate to Microsoft Windows Mobile, Microsoft Zune, or Microsoft Kin phone. :rolleyes:

    Or they just pulled it out of their arse.

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  • ArcaneDevice
    Mar 23, 04:34 PM
    Honestly, do you think someone who is Drunk is going to be checking the app for the checkpoints?

    Eh, yes.

    There is more than one level of being drunk you know? Not everyone stumbles out of the pub and falls over. Those are the guys who are the least of the problem since they will be passed out before they can start the car.

    It's those that are arrogant enough to believe that even though they've been drinking more than the limit they can still drive just fine that are the problem. They are the people who can also send text messages they regret in the morning and take camera photos of their ass.

    Just because someone has been drinking it doesn't mean they can't fumble through a phone menu; but nobody gets killed by a poorly written text message.

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  • sailnavy
    Apr 22, 11:34 AM
    Are there any Thuderbolt devices yet?

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  • PlaceofDis
    Nov 13, 04:07 PM
    Because they are NO LONGER USING THE API! They give the rights to use the API to call and display the image. It doesn't give them the right to take that image and use it for something else outside of the context it was meant to be used.

    they are using the OS X API in the context it was meant to be used in. as far as i can tell these images aren't loaded into the iPhone application itself and are rather transmitted over-the-air as the application is being used, thus they are being called by the OS while the application is being run and are merely being displayed through the iPhone application, its like saying you can't see any apple trademark icons through a VPN client.

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  • min_t
    Sep 14, 04:17 PM
    Steve walks up to the stage holding a cobalt blue notebook. He opens it up and hits the power button. The audience is temporarily blinded by the brighness of the LED bulbs used to power the apple logo on the lid. (It will come in handy when you're lost in the wilderness and need to signal a passing aircraft.)

    "It runs on core2duo. And the color is user customizable."

    He then turns the notebook around so we can see the screen.

    "It's running our newest universal product, Photoshop killa 1.0."

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  • mikemac11
    Apr 20, 11:39 AM
    Am I the only person laughing at this? If you didn't know your phone was already tracking you, then you should read up. All phones do it and it is not limited to the iPhone. Most common reason it would be done is for emergency needs. Just go to another cell tower and watch it track you. Next story please.

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  • PeterQVenkman
    Apr 15, 11:27 AM
    This is most unfortunate. Now that TB is a reality, it would be far better if Intel just kills USB 3.0 completely as fast as possible. There is absolutely no advantage whatsoever in having USB survive past 2.0 at this point.

    Sure there is. Higher speeds and backwards compatibility with older ports.

    With 3.0 barely entering the market, there is no value in letting it get a foothold.

    It's barely entered the market - on the mac. I'm rocking 6 usb 3 ports over here.

    This is most unfortunate. Now that TB is a reality, it would be far better if Intel just kills USB 3.0 completely as fast as possible. There is absolutely no advantage whatsoever in having USB survive past 2.0 at this point.

    Sure there is. Higher speeds and backwards compatibility with older ports with no adapters.

    It is pathetically obsolete compared to TB.

    Compared to devices which nobody has which are not compatible with anything else? Compared to a next gen connector that is on one line of apple only products?

    Thunderbolt is sweet, but nobody is using it yet and it is a unique connector. I smell another expensive adapter market coming...

    What is with the comments about wanting USB 3.0 on Macs? What a huge waste of time and money

    It's not expensive and whose time is it wasting? I mean other than people foaming at the mouth on forums.

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  • BRLawyer
    Oct 12, 12:35 PM
    It's a nice cause, but red iPods are really ugly, I must say...

    Apr 25, 05:45 PM
    You both think into it too much:
    - FireWire was gone from Apple's "future of notebooks" since the beginning of time (2008:rolleyes:)
    - Thunderbolt is not replacing USBs, it's a supplement to DisplayPort (and can connect to both display and peripherals simultaneously)


    Aug 23, 10:47 PM
    yeah, but it isn't a bad deal. hell creative could have pulled a lawsuit, much like the lawsuit which almost shut down blackberry.

    so... this is good. a win win. scenario. apple gets another big time vendor to sell products that accessorize apple's IPOD.

    Mar 30, 12:01 PM
    What it comes down to is Microsoft just wants to leech off of a name Apple has worked hard to build over the past few years. I'm sure if Apple did not popularize and create such huge mindshare with the App Store Microsoft would have probably have gone with something like Microsoft Application Marketplace.

    Mar 29, 03:38 PM
    When Windows starts to come close to SL in terms of ease of use and functionality let me know ;)

    hey, this is me letting you know.

    Mar 23, 06:12 PM
    The beautiful thing is that this is great advertisement for the app. I bet more people have downloaded this than ever before. I didn't know about this app until today, so thanks for that senator dumbfukz...