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Monday, May 16, 2011

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  • iVeBeenDrinkin'
    Apr 10, 02:42 AM
    Oh really? Wow I didn't know that... Sarcasm.

    I'm talking about on a calculator. Enter it EXACTLY how it was in the OP and you'll get 288.

    Looks like your sarcasm is on par with you math. When you have to explain sarcasm, it's not really sarcastic.

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  • DudeDad
    Apr 25, 11:29 AM
    (have not read all the posts, so forgive me if already pointed out)

    Uh....the phone companies track you and know where you are....they have to so that you can get a signal from a cell tower...so why is this a big deal?

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  • randyharris
    Sep 10, 10:59 PM
    If the rumors of near $15 downloads are true - are you really interested? That's way too much for me to have interest in it.

    But then again, I think $0.99 per track isn't as attractive as subscription based services too.. :)

    Now a streaming Media Device I'm excited about.

    New [Video] iPod I'm excited about as well.

    Randy at http://www.MacSeven.com

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  • daveL
    Aug 4, 02:59 PM
    Intel said they expect Merom-based machines to be available for purchase toward the end of August. What's this about Apple receiving a large shipment of CPUs in September? They'd be a month behind the rest of the market by the time they started delivering systems. Intel said they were shipping Merom when they announced their earnings for last quarter.

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  • silentnite
    Dec 8, 11:50 AM
    I try to avoid using any Anti-Virus software not sure how long that's going to last but the verdicts still out on Sophos because my sister uses it and her Mac froze up twice after using it & she suddenly started getting the spinning beach ball a lot.

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  • lilo777
    Apr 18, 03:54 PM
    Revenues are equal to zero if not associated with costs. Give us the profit figures. :D

    From Wikipedia:

    Samsung: Net income US$ 8.33 billion (2009)
    Apple: Profit US$ 14.01 billion (FY 2010)

    Apple's profits are higher but that's because they spend about $8 billion less on R&D than Samsung ;)

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  • JAT
    Apr 20, 09:42 AM
    Not a summer update? Surprising.

    September is summer.

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  • Juan007
    Apr 7, 10:58 AM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_2_1 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8C148 Safari/6533.18.5)

    Good for Apple. They knew years ago they would be selling millions of iPads so they secured the supply. It pays to be a tech LEADER not a follower. Too bad so sad for all the companies whose tablets weren't conceived until the day after iPad 1 launch.

    "Oh you want some LCD, sorry we're out. Apple bought our entire production three years ago."

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  • Stella
    Apr 18, 04:24 PM
    NO It's not, are you crazy. That looks horrid. iOS icons have unique look to them, placement is not patented. The look is.

    The lawsuit goes after Samsung trying to replicate and confuse customers into thinking that it's an iPhone.

    I said *conceptually* they are the same, they both share the same common properties and looks - i.e., grid, shortcuts, status bar etc ( as I pointed out ), yes, the placement it different - but that is irrelevent?

    It doesn't matter if it looks 'horrid', thats an opinion - by today's standards OS9 looks 'horrid' - IMO.

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  • Apple OC
    May 2, 07:59 PM
    a lb. of butter is still called a lb. of butter here in Canada

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  • Ger Teunis
    Mar 31, 03:15 AM
    Am I the only one having problems with the following default (moronified) settings?

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  • ftaok
    Apr 7, 02:51 PM
    I can say CONFIDENTLY that the war is NOT over. It's been what 2 years? No way. Apple may have the upper hand in the battle but has NOT won the war.

    What I'm saying is that by the time Android or WebOS or QNX catch up to the iPad, Apple will already be onto the next big thing. Tablets will have peaked, and the weak players will have dropped out.

    So instead of following Apple and forever having your products known as iPad killers, why not spend the money that you'd put into designing mediocre tablets into creating the next device? I'm sure that Sammy, Moto, RIM, etc all have some budget to develop the next generation of devices, but I think they need to spend a lot more on the R&D.

    For instance, when netbooks were all the rage, everyone was demanding that Apple come up with their own netbook. For whatever reason, Apple wasn't (and still isn't) in the netbook market. Instead, they spent their energies (and money) developing the successor to the netbook. In hindsight, we should have all seen it coming. Jobs even said that Apple couldn't make a decent 'computer' for less than $500. Apple was busy creating the iPad to be that device that folks would shell out $500 for. Genius.

    So instead of waging a long, drawn out war against Apple for a small slice of the tablet market, work on making the successor to the tablet.

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  • ravenvii
    May 3, 12:31 PM
    so is the turn of the villain simultaneous to the heroes (meaning he can communicate/implement his moves at any time) or do turns alternate (and if they do, do they in singles or in pairs)?
    what's the point of having 'rounds'?

    They alternate in pairs. A round is two hero turns then two villain turns. By meanwhile I meant the villain can converse with the GMs at any time. But his actions will be implemented once the heroes complete their two turns.

    That's how we keep the villain and the heroes in sync, and keep score of the villain's points.

    And before you ask again, in the context of the villain, turns = points. Okay? :p

    is there a time-limit to the villain's decision before it defaults in no-action, 1 point accrued?

    No time limit, the villain must explicitly state that he is taking inaction for the turn.

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  • zephonic
    Apr 25, 10:09 AM
    Am I the only one who thinks it's not a big deal? Your carrier tracks your phone all the ff-ing time. Google has the SSL beta now, but until recently they tracked your every move.

    So the issue is that someone may possibly access this data? They'd have to get hold off your phone first. :rolleyes:

    This is something that needs to be addressed and I reckon Apple will do so in the next iOS update, but to me it just looks as if two guys really went all out for some publicity.

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  • don.keishlong
    Apr 5, 03:46 PM
    Well Cydia is like being a virgin then having sex with a whore then getting STDs that constantly slow down your OS. It might be good in the short term, but you'll have to work hard to keep the swelling down with various lotions and creams. But unlike STDs, you can revert to a clean version of the OS anytime you want. :P

    And apple has nothing to do with iOS slow downs? What happens when you run iOS 4 on your iphone 3g? Cydia isnt the only culprit of that (if it is at all). Plus the benefits are long term. See my previous post about examples of what you can do with your phone if its jailbroken.

    Plus i would venture that most people would rather have sex throughout their lives and deal with the risk of an occasional STD than to be a lifelong virgin. Take a look at the human race for evidence.

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  • BigheadEdd
    Aug 11, 09:54 AM
    I can see them updating the MBP for definate. As the merom chips have just been released, and so apple has enough time to build stock and ship them at paris.
    However, I can't see them doing the rumored case re-design, as the 'Pro' line, is meant to match right? and the Mac Pro looks exactly like the old one, apart from the dual drives, so I don't think they'll change the MBPs design just yet.

    Damn all this waiting :( I want one now!!!

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  • generik
    Sep 16, 08:14 AM
    I am not that greedy, give me the same DL drives that have already been on PC laptops since 2 years ago and I will be happy :rolleyes:

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  • AdeFowler
    Sep 11, 11:57 AM
    The advantage of integrating the movie service into iTunes is obvious; it's already installed on millions of computers. Okay, it'll need an update but people love all that. I'm not so sure people want another media player (unboxed for example).

    What Apple need to do is tidy iTunes up. The Library's a big enough mess with videos, PDFs, Podcasts etc.

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  • Scrumper
    May 6, 03:23 AM
    I have no idea about the validity of this rumour but if it happens, it will render my VERY expensive pro apps no longer supported...and I think that will be the time to free myself from Apple bondage and return to the Windows fold. Especially if this is a sign that Apple are moving away from "proper" computers and pouring everything into iOS. :(

    Aug 4, 09:54 AM
    I was talking abou this reference to the 400 series celerons. I should have made that more clear.How does he know what? It is well known what is in the Core 2 and Core processors.

    May 7, 02:27 PM
    Uh $9 a month is $108 a year.

    People routinely get Mobileme for roughly $70 through Amazon or less through other places like eBay.

    Amazon Mobileme (http://www.amazon.com/MobileMe-Individual-Updated-2009-Version/dp/B001AMLRU4/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=software&qid=1273246907&sr=8-1)

    Hell even Apple doesn't make people pay that much.


    $30 MiR or you get Mobileme for $69 with the purchase of a new Mac.

    Uh, I rounded. Didn't think it'd matter whether I said $8, $8.33, or $9.

    Yes, I can get it cheaper elsewhere or through Apple with a rebate (if you spend another $200 to over $1000 first), but:

    1.) If I'm going to use MobileMe, and I like it (which, I do), I'm going to have to keep subscribing, and while I enjoy the features, I don't think paying for them is worth my money. They are merely added conveniences that would be nice to have, if free, but are only supplementing current functionality that I can live with. But, when I'm paying student loans, a car payment, rent, and trying to plan for a potential wedding and then a mortgage in the next year and a half, I can think of better things to spend $8 or 9$ a month on. I'd much rather go see a movie or something instead of syncing my email and contacts quicker. Just a personal choice that won't apply to everyone, but it's why I don't see the need to pay for it right now.

    2.) I don't buy a new Mac, iPhone, or iPod touch every year to keep getting a rebate. While enticing if I were in the market for anyone of those items, I'm not. Again, just my personal situation.

    May 3, 07:46 AM
    Pound force and pound mass compared to kg's and N's? really? Not that hard to grasp lol

    Then making the switch to metric should be easier for you than you think.

    I have to ask you, aside from base 10, what makes metric superior?

    That isn't enough?

    The metric system also lacks easy naming schemes for everyday sizes. Recipes, for example, would have to be written out in ml rather than cups or spoons. In such a situation, base 10 is not helpful at all because recipes are rarely divided or multiplied by 10.

    Perhaps true, but just because you switch to metric, doesn't mean you need to stop using tablespoons and teaspoons for measurements. It's all an approximation anyway, since there are far more than 2 different spoon sizes, and many of them look like they're pretty much equal in size to a tablespoon.

    So if you're cooking, do what everyone else does with their spoons; if you need a tablespoon, grab the big-ish one and estimate. If you needed more precision than that, why wouldn't you use ml? :confused:

    Apr 7, 12:53 PM
    At this point I think a good question is what could RIM had done differently?

    Apr 23, 05:49 PM
    Doesn't OS X already support displays up to 2560x1600? Afaik that was the resolution of Apple's own (now discontinued) 30" display and the resolution of most, if not all, 30" displays available at the moment. 3200x2000 is nothing but the next rung on the ladder. This is just Apple future-proofing their OS a bit. If they release anything in the short term it will most likely be a big-ass iMac or a bigger Apple Display, NOT a laptop running that resolution. Just saying...