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Saturday, May 14, 2011

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  • iScott428
    Mar 29, 11:56 AM
    I will pay any attention to this when someone can show me that in 2007 that they predicted that Android would be the market share leader in smartphones in 2011.

    One year projections are tricky. Four year projections in an emerging tech category are a joke. What about WebOS or Motorola's new OS for smartphones? They may not go anywhere or they might and these yahoos don't even account for them at all.

    The very fact that they honestly seem to think that the only smartphone OSes that will have any sort of market share in four years are the ones that exist today tells you just how much anyone should pay attention to this.

    By far the best post in this thread. Well Said.

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  • bjdku
    Sep 13, 09:29 PM
    this is definitely a style over functionality....how da heck do you dial a number with clickwheel?

    of course, if this is a slider phone like chocolate, then this is an awesome design.

    How do you figure this is an awesome design? This is a brainless design! Designing the nano in the first place might have been awesome. But making a nano a phone is hardly a leap of design genius!

    And you mentioned chocolate and awesome design in the same sentence!!!:confused: :confused: :confused:

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  • ThaDoggg
    Apr 25, 02:08 PM
    Ahhh just as I bought a new MBP!!!!! Hopefully resale value won't take too big of a hit :(

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  • AtHomeBoy_2000
    Aug 23, 05:22 PM
    I was driving home for lunch today and thought "I wonder what ever happened with that Creative suit? I bet Apple will settle."

    Well, now i know!

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  • pavetheforest
    Sep 15, 10:01 PM
    I would ditch my verizon plan the instant it came out...

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  • donlphi
    Sep 5, 12:25 PM
    Hopefully it doesn't turn out to be another device like the Apple hi-fi. What a let down that was!

    So we will get movie service from iTunes, a new iPOD NANO with a metal scratchproof case, a new Airport extreme with Audio and Video OUT... no hi-def for sure... and a bump in processor speed for the whole line.

    Am I really leaving anything out?

    We'll see next week. The hype always just creates this big let down for me. Hopefully my negative attitude will bring me happiness, regardless of what is presented.


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  • balamw
    Sep 6, 12:15 PM
    I came across this interesting article which says that Amazon is also planning to offer movies online in its store and that it has almost finalized deals with at least 3 of the big studios.

    Amazon was also suppsedly working on an iTMS/iPod killer that was to have launched this summer, with a subsidized/free player so perhaps the movie bit is linked to that?


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  • MacRumors
    Apr 28, 03:17 PM
    http://www.macrumors.com/images/macrumorsthreadlogo.gif (http://www.macrumors.com/2011/04/28/apple-beats-microsoft-in-first-quarter-profit/)


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  • Eidorian
    Jul 17, 10:26 AM
    But wasnt Yonah supposed to come out in January this year, and Apple released the iMac early January. So tens of thousands of chips must have been shipping before the official release date, I dont see why the same couldn't be true of these new chips.Intel launched Yonah at CES on January 5, 2006. 5 days later Apple had it in the iMac. So it's entirely possible that Apple is sitting on a cache of Conroe and even Merom chips.

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  • LarryC
    Apr 30, 11:04 PM
    Two words: Future-proofing.

    Macs are expensive, and many Mac users cannot afford or do not want to buy new Macs frequently. Such Mac users want to buy a Mac and have it work with the latest software and peripherals for as many years as possible. For such users, it makes total sense to want a Mac with Thunderbolt, even though there are isn't a single Thunderbolt peripheral on the market.

    I absolutely agree. This is the same reason why I was hoping the USB 3.0 would be on this version. I realize now that is almost certainly not going to happen. I just thought that with so many PC's (including some PC laptops) already offering USB 3.0 that maybe the brand spankin' new iMac might be so equipped.

    I was wondering why so many people are so opposed to Apple offering Blu-Ray as a BTO option. I have read where Steve Jobs spoke negatively about Blu-Ray, I wonder if these same people would be all gung-ho for BR if Jobs had spoken positively about it? I realize that he is a very smart man, but he isn't God! I always thought that BR would have been a great thing to have on a Mac for things like backing up your iTunes library. Imagine that, being able to back up your entire iTunes library on two or three BR discs. That would have been really nice. I read somewhere the other day that they either have or are getting ready to have BR discs that have a 100GB capacity. What in the world would have been wrong with that?

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  • abrooks
    Sep 26, 08:52 AM
    I hope the Apple phone will be 3G. Is there any indication of this? Surely Apple wouldn't go with the old 2G technology.

    Very hard to say, but 3G is not taking to the rest of the world very well, especially the US as they can't get 2/2.5G to work properly yet. This is about the only occasion when the UK really is doing well.

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  • aafuss1
    Sep 4, 07:09 PM
    Disney and Viacom movies could be the first movies offered.

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  • Makosuke
    Nov 13, 02:01 PM
    With policies like this, the App Store might just eventually die.Yeah, right. It would take a whole lot more than a few dozen (heck, a few HUNDRED) cheesed-off developers to kill the app store. If they turned all development off today, it would still be successful.

    That said, when Rogue Amoeba jumps ship over what seems a pretty blatant case of policy clashing with logic and common sense, that's a bad sign that you're doing stuff wrong.

    It's not 100% black and white, but really, Apple should be doing a better job than this. They do seem to be gradually improving--there have been many signs that they ARE listening to the complaints, and moving toward addressing at least some of them--but the company should be doing more.

    If anything, I'd much rather the app store approval process were brutally exclusionary about apps with bugs or ugly/non-"iPhone-like" UIs than nit-picking branding issues.

    Basically, if the walled garden had a bouncer who was a style-nazi I'd be much happier than the relatively lenient lawyer currently standing at the gate.

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  • nomad01
    Sep 14, 01:47 AM
    Its an ipod with a longer screen and a slider.....well at least for me I see nothing too interesting in it...just another ipod you can talk to.

    Yep I agree, it's not a revolutionary design but I'm REALLY more interested in what it will do. I'm really excited by an Apple phone operating system. Mobile iCal? Mobile Widgets? Who knows? Could just be an iPod with limited phone functionality.

    Bring it on! :-)

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  • srxtr
    Mar 30, 12:25 PM
    They're really not going to let this go are they...

    Companies REALLY want to use "App Store" instead of coming up with their own.

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  • dsnort
    Sep 19, 01:43 PM
    So, new movies this week? or do we have to wait until next?

    Probably at the same time as the Merom MBP. :eek:

    I bought one, just to test. Wasn't bad, would buy more if they add a title I want.

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  • iStudentUK
    Apr 18, 01:41 PM
    I commented on a friend's facebook post where he was lamenting such high taxes and having to support social programs. My retort involved how I would rather live in a country where people got paid livable wages and were able to support themselves and each other instead of driving all the money to the uppers while leaving the rest practically bankrupt. Someone else commented "Stalin and Lenin would be proud of you," referring to me. That's kind of what we live with.

    Amazing! I totally agree, I don't mind paying higher taxes here for better services and better rights.

    I know someone who works in the public sector was told to get his working hours down because he was working more than the amount he was supposed to by law in his job. Was told to get it down to 42 hours a week I think.

    Guess that would never happen on your side of the pond!

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  • LagunaSol
    Apr 28, 11:02 PM
    The interesting part is that Microsoft makes almost the same profit as Apple on far less revenue, but you never hear any outrage about Microsoft overpricing its products. :confused:

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  • macadam212
    Mar 29, 11:58 AM
    I believe Windows Phone market share gains will come largely at the expense of Android. I think iOS will do just fine, as they have great hardware software integration which differentiates them from what Microsoft and Google are doing.

    Mac Fly (film)
    Sep 15, 10:06 PM
    The cool new iPods almost always come out at Macworld....before every kid's parents throw the christmas paper from the iPod released in September.
    May I remind you:

    1G 23 Oct 2001
    2G 17 July 2002
    3G 28 April 2003
    4G/Photo July 2004
    5G 12 Oct 2005
    5G (enhanced) 12 Sep 2006
    6G (not ready yet)
    iPhone� Clear some space under that (Walnut) tree.

    Besides this is not an iPod, it's an iPod Phone�

    Nov 17, 04:23 PM
    what? you expect consistency?


    Sep 14, 03:15 AM
    Finally is this it?
    No. ;)

    Mar 22, 02:32 PM
    I think you'll find that rumors of the Mac Pro's death are greatly exaggerated.

    Thunderbolt honestly wouldn't bring very much to a Mac Pro right now. They have access via PCI expansion to drives, etc. that keep pace with and even beat Thunderbolt in some instances. As the tech matures it will outpace others and eventually find its way to the Mac Pro. Yes, the iMacs, and the iToys get more and more powerful with every generation...but then, so do the Pros...they all have a space on Apple's buffet bar.

    I agree, I think it'll be great for the portable's and consumer items, to be able to customize certain peripherals to the individual needs, at the moment I have a PowerBook G4, MacBook Pro, Power Mac G4, Power Mac G5, all for certain tasks, I could solve all this with a thunderbolt equipped MacBook pro and Mini... Think of the space saving's there...

    The Pro will be around for a lot longer, it just serves a Pro/sumer market, the processors they sport generally come later down the pipe anyway like sandy bridge xeons in Q3/Q4.

    manu chao
    May 4, 06:51 AM
    I'm missing why you would waste money on FW or TB for backups. Why do you need top performance for simply backups. Save yourself some money and get a cheap USB drive for backups. I just bought a 3TB USB driver at Best Buy for $170 CDN - it's just as safe as a firewire drive, and I don't need the speed - it's not like I'm capturing video or running software off of it.
    a) When you need to restore any significant amount of data (let alone a complete disk), USB can get old pretty fast.
    b) Any backup of a life system suffers from not being perfectly consistent (as the backed-up system changes during the backup), the faster the backup, the smaller the inconsistencies.
    c) If you keep your clones offline, you'll always have to wait and watch when updating them before you can take them offline again (in particular if you always do two backups back-to-back to minimise inconsistencies)

    Of course, if you value cheap over best, go for USB.